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Humberto Carrillo’s match is stopped after he appears to suffer a legitimate injury

UPDATE: Thankfully, reports are Carrillo is “okay”. More here.

Humberto Carrillo has spent the last few weeks interrupting Sheamus’ phony open challenges and getting physical with the Celtic Warrior. They’ve gone back and forth ambushing each other, with Sheamus destroying Carrilo on Apr. 19, Carrillo knocking Sheamus over the announce table on Apr. 26, and Sheamus taking out both Carrillo and Mansoor on May 3.

This all led to the first actual match between them during this brief feud, during tonight’s (May 10) episode of Raw.

They wrestled through a commercial break. Late in the match, there was a spot where Sheamus was standing on the ring apron, facing the inside of the ring. Carrillo approached him and attempted a slingshot sunset flip powerbomb to the outside. The spot didn’t go well at all, with Sheamus landing on top of Carrillo’s knee.

Carrillo laid on the ground, holding his lower body in pain. WWE did show a slow motion replay of the spot. With both men laying on the ground and looking out of it, the referee called for the bell. Sheamus was declared the winner.

Sheamus slowly crawled away from Carrillo. Officials then showed up on the scene to check on Humberto, while Raw quickly moved on to the next segment.

For now, it looks like Carrillo suffered a legitimate injury to his lower body, and the match was stopped as a result.

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