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Murphy really wants you to know that WWE forgot about him again

Murphy posted some cryptic tweets a few months ago that made it sound like he wasn’t too happy with the way he’s being used in WWE. The crux of the problem is that WWE doesn’t use him at all, essentially. It’s easy to see why that would be a major source of frustration.

WWE Creative has totally forgotten about him, and Murphy is intent on reminding you about it. For example, check out this tweet that he posted during last week’s “Throwback” edition of SmackDown:

Today’s reminder was more straightforward:

Murphy can indeed still wrestle, but you’d hardly know it by watching WWE television in 2021. Seth Rollins’ former disciple has wrestled in only three matches so far this year. The most recent match was a loss in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Prior to that, he lost two quick matches against Cesaro.

Murphy has tried taking the initiative to advance his storylines and character through social media, but WWE clamps down and makes him delete that too.

This guy can’t win.

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