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Here’s 2K’s plan to get you to give their next WWE game a chance

WWE 2KDev’s Twitter

After years of middling reviews for their wrestling sim games culminated in a disastrous launch of WWE 2K20, both WWE and 2K Studios decided to pause and re-assess rather than attempt to push out a WWE 2K21.

That gave us last year’s arcade-style brawler WWE Battlegrounds. It’s also given us a new marketing campaign for the upcoming release of WWE 2K21. Promotion of the franchise’s return began last month at WrestleMania 37, which gave us a glimpse of Rey Mysterio and a promise the new edition would “Hit Different”.

Along with that new slogan came a vow to be more transparent throughout the development process, something that seems to be starting today with this logo sent to websites like ours...

2K Studios

And a brief video from WWE 2K Creative Director Lynell Jenks where he tells us he and his team will be bringing us regular updates moving forward:

Will this be enough to get you to give WWE 2K22 a chance?

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