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Where’s Bray Wyatt?

WWE on YouTube

Every wrestler in WWE should be jealous of Bray Wyatt’s work schedule. He’s rarely been on WWE television ever since he was burned to death five months ago by Randy Orton.

Wyatt briefly appeared on television for three weeks between Fastlane and WrestleMania 37 in the form of the Extra Crispy Fiend. He was ultimately betrayed by Alexa Bliss at WrestleMania 37 and lost against Randy Orton.

Regular Bray Wyatt then returned to WWE television on the very next night (Apr. 12). He was back in the Firefly Fun House, and here is what he promised his fireflies:

“We still have each other. We will always have each other. As a matter of fact, I feel great! I think this could be a brand new start for all of us here! A new season, new friends, and a brand new me! In fact, I feel reborn! Yeah, I feel reborn!

...That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Everything will be fine because he, he will return! He shall return! And there will be no more clout chasing! No more clout chasing in this here simulation! The Fun House will be big! It will be bad! It will be strong!

...See ya!”

That’s the last time we’ve seen Bray Wyatt on WWE television. Granted it’s not a super long absence, but the guy promised a brand new season and then disappeared for a month (and counting). Perhaps it’s wise to keep Wyatt off TV so fans have more time to rid themselves of the stench of his WrestleMania feud with Orton.

There’s no doubt that Bray Wyatt has an amazing work schedule with WWE, but he will have to return to television soon enough. What do you expect his new direction to be when he comes back?

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