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Tamina gets her turn for a passionate Talking Smack promo

Talking Smack has become the show of choice for wrestlers to cut passionate promos they don’t ever seem to get the opportunity to cut on WWE television. The latest star in the chair was Tamina, who delivered this doozy:

“I don’t even need to really address Shayna. You may be a great mixed martial artist but I’ve got the Dungeon on my side and nobody beats that Sharpshooter, you hear what I’m saying? But now I’m going to sit here and I’m going to address you, Nia, sis. You have disrespected me. You may not think I know what I’m doing but I have come here with passion! I don’t care if you may have been here and you think that you know better than me but you don’t. … This is our place. Do you hear me?!? Do you feel my passion?!?”

Paul Heyman sold the hell out of it, appearing physically shaken as he couldn’t stop looking off in the distance at Tamina after she stormed off.

Your thoughts on how she did?

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