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Roman Reigns says Daniel Bryan should be thanking him

Then he can go hug a tree for all the Tribal Chief cares.

Oh look, Roman Reigns being ice cold - and very good at his job...

“Already putting in the work. Just a few hours removed, Saturday morning. Last night, I achieved greatness once again. As I’m hitting this cardio, I’m sitting here thinking, the whole world should be thanking me.

“Daniel Bryan, you should be thanking me, brah, for two different reasons. I’m a man of my word. I did what I said I was gonna do. And not only did I give the audience what they need, I got rid of you, I’m driving us forward. I’m taking care of the future and getting rid of the old. I gave you what you wanted. You made it clear. You were looking for that new door. What better way to through the new one when the old one hits you right in the ass, and that’s what I did. I closed this door on you, so we’re gonna live this ‘Show Up and Win’ mantra. We will keep putting the work in.

“And next Friday on SmackDown, not only do I expect you to acknowledge me — and no, I’m not talking to you, Daniel Bryan, we’re done with you. Go have fun, be a dad, save the world, hug a tree, whatever you want to do. To the WWE Universe, some of them call you that. To me, you’re mine. You’re my audience. You’re my people. Not only are you going to acknowledge me on Friday, you’re gonna thank me. I’ll see you in a few.”

I’m man enough to say it, sir. Thanks. Especially if Bryan shows up to challenge Pete Dunne on a Tuesday night in the not too distant future.

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