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The Best and Worst Dressed of the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

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This year we were treated to not one but two Hall of Fame Ceremonies! You know what that means? Double the dresses and double the judgement.


The dress has modern day flapper vibes with a side of VIP tickets to the gun show.


The fit is fantastic, but the dress looks like a Frankenstein experiment gone wrong. The top of that dress and the bottom are not friends!


Big E is always a delight and he looked fantastic in his salmon suit. The tie is a choice, but if you think of it as part Kofi’s shirt & part Xavier’s shirt it works in a very Destiny’s Child kind of way. I love that The New Day are still coordinating even though they are currently not teaming together.


Whatever this Fashion Nova nightmare is.


Liv made a bold choice with this dress but sometimes bold choices pay off. This dress is cute, flirty and absolutely captures her playful spirit. And can we talk about the butterfly socks? Adorable.


Naomi looks like she glued dollar store gem stones onto an Amazon jumpsuit. Lana looks like she found a hole in the middle of her dress last minute and had to cover it up with the nearest belt.


The suit gives off big “yes I’m still the bad guy, but you know you love me anyways” vibes.


This is an outfit you wear to middle school homecoming not a hall of fame ceremony. The kitten heels are really doing a number on my SAnitY.


Did Sonya Deville invent suits? Because it sure feels like she did.


Not only did this man clearly not deserve to win this award, but literally WTF is this color scheme?? Just a wear a tux next time. How do men mess up red carpets? It’s so easy for them!

Best AND Worst

Carmella looks like a dream. Corey looks like a nightmare. I guess that’s their whole vibe as a couple though so points for being consistent.

Outfit of the Night

The Bella’s once again are pitch perfect. Not only did each of their dresses reflect their individual personalities, but the homage to their classic Bella red was a great touch. Photos of them in these dresses will be used for years in HOF video packages and they will never have to regret their choice of outfit. Classic, beautiful and totally Bella.

Most Confusing Outfit

Is this terrible? Is this good? I literally can’t decide.


This man is a menace. I’m trying to imagine the subterfuge he had to pull off to leave the house dressed like this without Becky noticing.

Honorable Mention

To William Shatner and Ozzy Osbourne for truly not caring. Love the home video vibe. Love the old man fits. Tens across the board.

Remember, this post is silly. Fashion is subjective and my opinions may not be yours. The one thing we can all agree on though is that thank god we weren’t subjected to the horrors of Lacey Evans’ hat this year.