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WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver results - Escobar unifies the Cruiserweight title in a ladder match thriller

After Poppy rocked us into the main portion of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, it was time to unify the NXT Cruiserweight championship.

Earlier today (April 8), Jordan Devlin and Santos Escobar surrendered their straps to General Manager William Regal. They were hung above the ring for the show-opening ladder match.

Devlin, who won the purple belt at Worlds Collide in January 2020, came out on top of the initial exchange. But after that it was Escobar, who claimed the title in a tournament when Devlin was unable to travel from his native Ireland due to the pandemic, who controlled most of the action in the early going.

When the ladders came into play however, the Mexican Superstar was sent crashing into one. That allowed Devlin to take control, and after a moonsault from the top of of a ladder, it looked like the Irish Ace had a clear path to the belt.

Escobar’s Legado Del Fantasma henchmen ran in to save their bosses title hopes. The referee sent them away, but it was enough for the lucha legacy to turn the tide. A sick Spanish Fly from the ladders...

...was followed by a headbutt that sent Devlin crashing through another ladder. With his opponent laying lifeless, Escobar was able to pull down the straps and head to the ramp to celebrate with Wilde, Mendoza & his nine year old son.

For a complete rundown of everything happening on Night Two of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, head to our live blog here.

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