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Triple H refutes the story about AEW bullying NXT

In preparation for NXT’s upcoming move to Tuesday nights, Triple H held a backstage team meeting last week at the NXT television taping.

F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer was told that the meeting included a reference to AEW bullying NXT on Wednesday nights. Meltzer later clarified that the word “bully” might not have actually been used, but his general characterization of the meeting still held true. However, according to Triple H, none of this is accurate.

On last night’s post-TakeOver media call, Triple H refuted that AEW was ever brought up in the meeting. He described the NXT team meeting as factual, informational, and motivational:

“It was a conversation with our talent, that was exactly that. It was informational, to tell them where we’re going...As far as the content of the meeting that was reported by a lot of people and elsewhere, [it was] completely inaccurate. Never said, never brought up. Nobody else was ever brought up. [It] wasn’t about other people, wasn’t about other brands or companies, or anything else. It was a factual meeting to tell people where we’re going, where we’re headed, and to motivate them going into the future. Nothing more, nothing less.”

So there you go. We’ll have to wait and see if there is any meaningful follow-up to Triple H’s denial. But for now, it looks to me like this AEW bully story has a chance to go down alongside the Seth Rollins “rah-rah” speech that never happened as another case of a game of telephone gone bad.

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