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WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night Two results, live streaming match coverage

Night Two of WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver is all set to pop off tonight (Thurs., April 8, 2020) at 8 p.m. ET, live on Peacock! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night Two below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show comes our way from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, and it's offering up a stacked card - even by TakeOver standards. While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of tonight’s card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.


Finn Bálor def. Karrion Kross via pinfall to win the NXT title

Kyle O’Reilly def. Adam Cole via pinfall

Santos Escobar def. Jordan Devlin to unify the cruiserweight titles

Johnny Gargano def. Bronson Reed via pinfall to retain the North American title

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart def. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell via pinfall to retain the women’s tag team titles

Drake Maverick & Killian Dain def. Breezango to become #1 contenders to the men’s tag team titles


Breezango vs. Killian Dain & Drake Maverick (#1 contender’s match)

Welcome back to Takeover! The last half hour has been a slew of talking heads on the pre-show, but heads are about to roll in a tag team match. Mickie James and Vic Joseph are back at ringside to call the action. Breezango enter first dressed like swashbuckling pirates. Maverick and Dain are blue jeans and boots, all blue collar and no gimmicks. Dain starts the match with Tyler Breeze, but Fandango quickly tags in. Both men get a hip toss for their table and Maverick gets tagged in to come off the ropes with a sledge. Fandango knocks him down with a shoulder and gyrates his hypes. Maverick leapfrogs Fandango and then gyrates over the top of him. Fandango takes exception and Dain takes MORE exception. Dain drags him back to their corner and puts Breeze’s pirate hat on Dain’s head, daring Fandango to take it back. Dain is not pleased but gets attacked while he’s complaining. He angrily tags Maverick back in. Maverick eats a back breaker for a near fall.

Breeze tags back in and Maverick eats a suplex for a near fall. Fandango quickly tags back in to cut off the ring so they can wear Maverick down. Delayed vertical suplex for 2. Maverick tries to fight out of the corner with punches but Breeze tags back in. Maverick keeps trying to reach out for Dain but Breeze drags him back to the center and hits a leg drop for 2. Chin lock applied. Maverick gets back to his feet and gets clubbed in the back. Tag to Fandango again. Maverick gets whipped corner to corner for a near fall. Uppercut. Maverick is left hanging on the ropes, Breeze tags in, and they both kick Maverick in the head for two. Maverick finally makes an end run around Fandango and Dain gets the hot tag. He takes out both men with a fall away suplex. Breeze breaks up the pinfall. Quick tags by Dain and Maverick. Breeze saves his partner, Maverick saves his and gets dumped out. Breeze tries and fails to pick up Dain. Maverick tags back in and climbs to scissor Fandango off the ropes. Dain powerbombs his partner on top of Fandango for the win!

Your winners and new #1 contenders for the tag titles: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

The rest of night two starts in 15 minutes!

A live performance from Poppy kicks off the show and we are underway for night two!

Santos Escobar (interim) vs. Jordan Devlin (current) - NXT Cruiserweight Title unification ladder match

Escobar and Devlin both have to walk around a ladder set up for the on the entrance ramp as they head to the ring. The two title belts are already hanging from a hook over the middle. The ref makes them both stand off, then points to the belts as they are raised up high, and he calls for the bell! They immediately start throwing punches and elbows. Devlin is in control early but Escobar hits a boot to the gut and an elbow to the back to get on offense. Devlin responds with a standing moonsault. The NeXTras seem to have been told to cheer for Escobar and boo Devlin. That’s not the dynamic I was expecting, but whatever. Devlin flips off the top rope to the outside to wipe Escobar out near the announce table and throws him back in, then lifts up the ring apron to pull out our first ladder. Escobar tries to charge him but Devlin sidesteps and hits him with it, then throws it in the ring to set it up. He climbs for the gold but Escobar yanks him off and smashes his face into it before setting it up in the corner. He tries to whip Devlin into it, he hits the brakes, Devlin tries the same and gets reversed into it — falling out to the floor in a heap!

Escobar mutters that it’s “my bingo” again before charging to wipe Devlin out against the plexiglass barrier. He pulls another ladder out and sets it up so the top is just over the plexiglass, then gets back in the ring to get the other ladder. He dropkicks it into Devlin instead of climbing up. So what was he planning to do with that first ladder then? He charges Devlin for shots to the gut with ladder number one. Escobar rolls out looking for yet another ladder and shoves it under the ropes. Devlin tries to get back up and Escobar runs over to stomp on him. He sets a ladder up under the belts and jumps off to stomp on Devlin even more. He slaps Devlin in the face and puts the new ladder on the top ropes in one corner. Escobar starts cursing Devlin out in Spanish and Devlin reverses him face first into the ladder he just set up!

Escobar tries to slingshot Devlin into the middle ladder, but he lands on it instead! He’s not able to climb up though because both men have opted to brawl outside and crash into the ladder on the plexiglass barrier. The feed for Peacock died and when it returned both men were back in the ring with Escobar cursing him out again. Escobar is countered into a ladder laying on the mat and crashes on it back first. “Boo” and “yay” punches follow. Devlin works the body and throws a right hook. Escobar responds with a flying knee. Escobar charges but Devlin hits a Spanish Fly! Devlin hits a cutter and crawls over to get a ladder. Escobar grabs the other side of it so Devlin knocks him down with a headbutt. Devlin and Escobar both climb up even though the ladder is in the corner, nowhere near the middle or the belts. Devlin knocks Escobar off, climbs to the tippy top and moonsaults off onto Devlin! Beth Phoenix screams that it was perfection as Devlin pulls the ladder toward the middle. Legado Del Fantasma run out, tip the ladder over, and beat Devlin up on the outside. Now the NeXTras are booing Escobar and crew. Oh how fickle they are!

Escobar sets up the ladder and climbs for the belts, but Devlin chucks a ladder at him to slow him down! He sets up a second ladder next to Escobar and they both climb up to near the top. Devlin takes Escobar off his feet and they both flip and Spanish Fly to the canvas! A “This Is Awesome” chant breaks out. Devlin sets a ladder under the belts and gets one finger on them before Escobar catches up on the opposite side of the ladder. Devlin grabs one belt but Escobar shoves him off and he crashes THROUGH a ladder in the ring! Escobar looks up and he’s all alone with both belts. He unhooks them both and it’s all over.

The winner of this contest and UNDISPUTED NXT Cruiserweight Champ: Santos Escobar

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon (champs) vs. Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae (challengers) for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles

We get the lights down “big match intro” here even though we didn’t for the unification match to open the show. Go figure. All four women throw down as soon as the bell rings before things settle down to LeRae working over Blackheart in the heel corner. Hartwell tags in and puts Shotzi on her shoulders so LeRae can kick her in the head, then side slams Blackheart for a near fall. Hartwell knocks Blackheart down with an elbow for a near fall. She tries to scoot away but Hartwell picks her up and tags LeRae in, who snaps the neck for a near fall. Boot to the head until the ref breaks it up. Blackheart fights back with punches but LeRae knocks her down for 2. Moon tries to wait patiently for the tag but she gets mad at LeRae yanking her by the hair. Hartwell tags back in and the punishment continues.

LeRae quickly tags in again and stands on Blackheart on the apron, then tries to use the ropes for leverage for a pin, but the ref catches her in the act. Blackheart throws a right hand, kicks LeRae away, but kicked her into Hartwell for the tag. Hartwell immediately tags LeRae back in. Blackheart with a step up enzuigiri to finally get to Moon for the hot tag. Moon squares up and starts decking LeRae with shots, then does a D-Generation X double chop SUCK IT before one more big right. Splash in the corner. Moon climbs to the top rope! Hartwell provides a distraction and LeRae hits the ropes to knock Moon down. All four women fight in the corner as the ref struggles to get control. We get a stacked up spot with everybody crashing and burning in the middle. Hartwell tries and fails to get a pin after.

Hartwell hits a powerbomb but Moon kicks out at 2.9. Both women are getting up slowly. Hartwell stands first and tags LeRae. Moon shoves LeRae into Hartwell and Blackheart gets the hot tag. Cross body to take out The Way! Spinning right hand and overhead suplex to LeRae. Moon is tagged back in. Suicide dive through the ropes by Blackheart to take down The Way on the outside! Moon is all alone in the ring, sitting on the ropes, but eventually she climbs up and does a dive of her own. LeRae is thrown back into the ring and kicks out of a double team attempt at the last second. Blackheart gets rolled up by LeRae for a near fall. Super kick by LeRae. LeRae shoves Moon off the apron. Hartwell is tagged in. The Way hit their own double team attempt that’s also broken up right before 3. LeRae and Moon brawl on the ropes. Step up enzuigiri and Moon is tagged back in. Total Eclipse onto the way! Blackheart tags in for the senton on Hartwell for the pin!

Your winners and still NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart

Johnny Gargano (champion) vs. Bronson Reed - North American title match

Austin Theory accompanies Gargano to the ring, who is wearing his Iron Man outfit and the North American title around his waist. Reed is accompanied by no one, but he’s the size of two men put together (possibly three) so that’s fine. Lights down for the big match intro, and Reed is staring down over the top of Gargano as he sings along to the ring announcer. The bell sounds and we’re under-WAY!

Reed wastes no time manhandling Gargano, and when Gargano tries a head scissor takeover Reed just cartwheels and stands there unfazed. He hercs Gargano for a fall away slam. Reed pounds on Gargano in the corner as Theory looks on from the floor. Gargano gets to the apron and dives through the ropes to momentarily stun him with a shot to the gut, but Reed responds by knocking him down with a chop, then again with another one. Gargano with fists and kicks and a chop block to the left leg. Crossbody takes the big man off his feet. Knee to the back. Knee to the body. Kick to the body and Reed rolls out. Sliding dropkick. Gargano dives over the ropes, Reed catches him, Gargano escapes and shoves Reed gut first into the announce table. Reed is selling his ribs (or so Wade Barrett says).

Reed tries to sit down on Gargano but he gets out of the way. Gargano with a splash out of the corner. Reed kicks out at one but he’s still selling. Stiff shots from behind by Gargano as he goes to work over the left arm. Reed tries to stand up but takes knees to the body. Knees to the side as Reed is grounded. If this was a MMA fight Reed would draw a warning for inactivity and Gargano one for not improving his position. Gargano goes to the ropes and Reed catches him coming and reverses it into a slam (let the boys b-boy). Reed uses his gut to knock Gargano down and sells again. (Barrett politely calls it “his girth.”) The ref orders Reed to step back as Gargano is down selling. Gargano gets up. Reed picks him up for a delayed vertical suplex into a jagged edge for 2.9!

Reed walks over slowly as Gargano is laying under the ropes. Reed climbs to the second rope and picks Gargano up, but he escapes and crotches Reed on the ropes, kicks him in the head, and lands the backstabber! Gargano gets a 2 count. Reed goozles Gargano when he gets up but Gargano kicks him in the gut. He goes for a suplex but Reed reverses it and Gargano rolls over to sell face down. Reed turns him back face up and considers a Tsunami off the ropes, but goes for a senton instead and misses. Gargano goes for a cradle for 2. Gargano goes for the Escape after a knee to the ribs and Reed crawls for the rope break. He’s got it! Gargano lets go reluctantly at three and pounds the mat in frustration. Both men fight to the apron and Reed throws Gargano OVER the ropes into the ring. He misses on the Tsunami, Gargano hits a superkick, and Reed kicks out!

A superkick is blocked, a headbutt connects, and Reed goes back to the top rope for another Tsunami. Austin Theory distracts him and Gargano hits the ropes to crotch Reed. Gargano decks him with lefts and rights and goes to the top rope as the NeXTras boo. Reed blocks the top rope rana and powerbomb him! Theory breaks up the near fall and tries to pretend he wasn’t doing anything. Reed has had enough and goes out to attack Theory. Gargano tries to help and Reed just throws them into each other. He goes for a dive through the ropes to take out Theory. Gargano goes for One Final Beat and it’s blocked. Reed goes for a pin and Gargano kicks out at 2.999. Reed sets Gargano between his legs for another powerbomb, Gargano punches free, Reed’s ribs hit the ropes, Gargano hits two superkicks, but Reed hits a reverse kick of his own and climbs the ropes for a twisting moonsault that misses! One Final Beat. Two Final Beats. Three count.

Your winner and still NXT North American Champion: Johnny Gargano

Finn Bálor (champ) vs. Karrion Kross (challenger) - NXT World Title

Smoke and music as “The End is Near” with Karrion Kross and Scarlett now here. Bálor has red war paint in the shape of a cross on his chest for tonight’s title defense. Big match intro, ring the bell, and we’re underway! Kross is laughing as Bálor is trying to kick and chop his opponent down, and then he gets pissed and throws Bálor all the way across the ring. Bálor gets up laughing knowing he provoked an emotional response. Bálor slaps him trying to provoke another response. He screams, picks Bálor up, and charges him into the corner for a beatdown. He whips him corner to corner but Bálor sidesteps it the second time and Kross’ shoulder hits the ring post. Bálor works over the left arm even with Kross in the ropes and the ref makes him break at four. Bálor grounds him and wrenches the arm behind Kross’ back. The ref asks Kross if he wants to submit or give up and he says no.

Kross finally gets to his feet and backs Bálor up into the corner to shake him loose. Kross grabs him by the trunks and throws him high in the air with a suplex. Kross scoops Bálor up and hangs him upside down in the tree of woe for kicks and a running knee to the body. He pulls Bálor back up by the head but Bálor counters into an armbar. Kross is in agony selling and the ref asks again if he wants to quit. Kross backflips his way free. Bálor refuses to let go of the arm though and hyper extends it as Kross tries to pick him up. Bálor sticks a knee in his back and continues to wear the left arm down. Kross sells as he gets up like his muscles are torn and his fingers are going numb. Bálor puts him in the ropes to continue the assault. He pushes him into the corner for a chop and a spin kick. Kross goes down selling his guts and Bálor stops on them for good measure. He stretches out Kross through the ropes for clubbing forearms to the guts until the ref makes him break. Kross with a kick as Bálor is charging to knock him down and give him a moment to breathe. He scoops Kross up and charges him into one turnbuckle after another but Bálor counters and both men are down in the middle of the ring!

Kross is furious as he starts to get up, Bálor kicks him in the face, but it doesn’t slow him down. Clothesline, powerbomb, near fall. Kross signals for the Doomsday suplex but Bálor headlocks him, kicks him stomps on him, and goes behind for liver shots. Abdominal stretch is applied. Kross shrugs Bálor off and sells the body. Slingblade by Bálor! Bálor signals for his shot but Kross cuts him off with a clothesline. Kross with the Doomsday suplex. Kross taps his non-existent watch. Time’s up. Bálor with a Pele kick and missile dropkick and a kick to the back! Kross is down! Bálor goes outside and climbs to the top. Coup de grace! One, two, Kross kicks out and goes behind Bálor for a straight jacket. Bálor reaches for the ropes, Kross pulls him away, Bálor breaks free for a double stomp! Kross moans in pain. Bálor kicks the ribs and goes back to the abdominal stretch. Bálor’s shoulders are nearly on the mat. The ref threatens to ring the bell to break the submission but it’s Kross who gets behind him for multiple forearms to the back of the head and Bálor is lifeless. Release German suplex wakes Bálor back up. Doomsday Saito suplex again! Kross walks over to the corner selling his left arm and his midsection as Bálor gets back up. Forearm to the back of the head! One, two, three.

Your winner and new NXT Champion: Karrion Kross

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly (unsanctioned “hold harmless” match)

Wouldn’t you know it — the Peacock stream died right in the middle of the “big match intro.” When I get it back both men are brawling outside the ring. O’Reilly was going for an armbar but Cole gets on offense by throwing him into the barricades, selling his left arm as he does. O’Reilly hits a takedown and then slingshots Cole into the glass. He rams him face first into it, scowling all the way. He pulls a chair out from under the ring and sets it up. O’Reilly sets him in the chair and kicks him repeatedly. Cole catches the next kick and tries to pick him up but O’Reilly reverses and throws Cole back into the ring. O’Reilly goes for a guillotine choke and tries to use the ropes for leverage, but Cole shoves him off and his neck bounces off the apron as he falls. O’Reilly is down selling his neck. Cole smashes him into the barricade and gets a pair of chairs to toss into the ring. Actually I think he got every last chair into the ring save for the one he hits O’Reilly in the gut and smacks him in the back with. The one he’s using has The Undisputed Era logo painted on it. Cole throws O’Reilly into the rigging and then back into the ring to use those another chair on his neck.

The Undisputed Era chair is laid in the center of the ring as Cole yells at him “it’s your fault, this is your fault” and then gives him a neckbreaker onto it. “You wanted this!” Cole works on the neck as the ref is helpless to stop it, so he asks O’Reilly if he’s had enough. Of course not. O’Reilly tries to fire up, but Cole hits a knee to the neck, and O’Reilly kicks out at two. Cole stalks his prey. “I made you. You hear me? I made you who you are. You would be nothing without me. You ungrateful prick! You hear me?” O’Reilly gets back up and the two trade forearms. O’Reilly with a knee to the gut to knock Cole down. More knees to the body and a slap to the face. The NeXTras chant “WE WANT TABLES” at them. O’Reilly with a back breaker onto the chair. They roll into the ropes on a leg lock and the ref doesn’t break it up. O’Reilly does a running dropkick to Cole, who was sitting in a chair on the outside trying to recover, leaving both men down selling on the pretty black mats!

O’Reilly blocks a chair shot when they get back in the ring, but he punched it with his right hand to do so, leaving a big ol’ dent in the chair. O’Reilly rolls out and pulls a long length of steel chain from beneath the ring. Cole cuts him off before he can get back in for a hangman’s neckbreaker onto the chain for 2. Cole picks up the chain and ties it to the top rope. He goes to wrap it around O’Reilly’s head but is blocked. They trade forearms and Adam Cole goes down! O’Reilly grabs the chain and... Peacock dies again. When it comes back they are in a dueling leg lock, both trying to get the upper hand, throwing seated punches that knock each other down to break the hold. Beth Phoenix tells me they were both shouting “give up” while Peacock was away. They trade strikes standing. O’Reilly goes to hit the ropes but Cole stretches out the chain and O’Reilly clotheslines himself. Backstabber! Kyle O’Reilly kicks out at 2.99999.

Cole sets up two chairs back to back in the corner and lumps over to where O’Reilly is. He pulls O’Reilly up, puts him on his shoulders, O’Reilly escapes, they trade shots, standing switch, suplex onto the neck, O’Reilly falls onto one chair and Cole hits the Shining Wizard to knock him through the other chair! O’Reilly kicks out at the last millisecond again! Cole goes outside to dismantle the steel steps, which is the same way he “injured” the neck of Kyle O’Reilly to begin with. He drags O’Reilly out to the floor, but O’Reilly blocks it and goes for a guillotine standing on the steps! He releases the hold and kicks Cole to knock him down. He pulls Cole back up and throws him down in disgust, smacking himself in the head, as if he didn’t want to do it. Cole shoves him into the barricade but O’Reilly fires back up and clears everything off the announce desk. Cole is laid out on the table and O’Reilly crawls up after him. The announce team has cleared out to make room. They stand and brawl on top of the desk. Forearms are exchanged. Cole drops O’Reilly to his knees with four or five in a row! Suplex onto the desk from O’Reilly and it DOESN’T break as Adam Cole bounces off of it. Now THAT had to hurt!!

Adam Cole hits Kyle O’Reilly with a TV monitor as he comes over to finish the job. Cole goes under the apron yet again and pulls out a toolbox, dumping out the contents — a pair of pliers, a wrench, a tire iron and some chain. I think a real toolbox would have had a few more tools in it than that. At least a set of screwdrivers, some drill bits, a few claw hammers, but anyway... O’Reilly gets back up and hits a rebound clothesline to knock Cole down. Cole kicks out at two. O’Reilly has the previously introduced chain in his hands and he wraps it around the left arm of Cole before going for the cross arm breaker. Cole tries to roll through so O’Reilly turns it into a triangle choke. The ref checks the arm but it doesn’t drop and Cole hits a tire iron to the ribs to make O’Reilly break! He rolls around in pain from the blow.

The NeXTras chant “fight forever” and “both these guys” but they add a “this is awesome” just for good measure as Cole and O’Reilly pull themselves up to a seated position in two chairs in the ring. Cole mouths off and O’Reilly kicks him. They trade forearms until Cole falls out of his chair, then trade them standing until Cole goes back down again. Cole hits a low blow and O’Reilly is down. “Perfectly immoral” screams Beth. “The whole match has been immoral” yells Wade. “Can’t argue with that!” says Beth. Superkick. Near fall. How much more can they possibly do at this point? Cole wraps the chair around O’Reilly’s neck and goes for a second chair. The ref begs him. “Adam! Adam! You don’t want to do this Adam!” Cole PUNCHES OUT THE REF. “Shut up! When I say shut up, you shut up! You hear me?” He continues yelling at the ref even as he’s down selling that he’s out cold. Cole goes to the top rope and hits Panama Sunrise, but there’s nobody there to count the pinfall!!!

Cole pounds on the ref telling him to get back to his feet to no avail. O’Reilly rolls out of the ring onto the entrance ramp. He throws a chair out to the ramp and steps through the ropes. “Now I gotcha. You’ve got nowhere to run.” He throws the chair into O’Reilly’s face. O’Reilly falls off the ramp so Cole walks down and around to where he is in front of the barricade. Cole throws him into the glass over and over again. O’Reilly counters him into it as well! O’Reilly goes for the guillotine and Cole rams him into the plexiglass so hard he nearly knocks it over. Cole pulls O’Reilly back to his feet and throws him onto the ramp. He walks back around to the prone O’Reilly and picks him up, but O”Reilly goes for a guillotine again. Cole tries to slam him to break free and they go THROUGH the ramp to the floor!!

Cole gets up first and kicks a hole in the entrance ramp to pull O’Reilly THROUGH it and throw him back onto the ramp again, where he crawls his way into the ring. O’Reilly has cuts and welts all over his back. Cole stalks him, laughing as he steps through the ropes. O’Reilly falls out of the ropes to the floor right in front of the steel steps. You know what’s coming next. Cole with the suplex into the steel steps!Apparently the toolbox got destroyed in the process. He throws O’Reilly back in and the ref has finally come to, and O’Reilly gets his shoulder an inch off the ground to break the pinfall. Cole gets up and pulls O’Reilly to his knees. Superkick? No. O’Reilly falls down before Cole can even land it. Cole pulls him up yelling “you are nothing.” O’Reilly ducks the next blow and goes for a leg lock. Cole tries to kick him off and it doesn’t work. He grabs a fist full of chain to PUNCH O’Reilly off. Cole to the top rope for a Panama Sunrise, but O’Reilly counters with a backbreaker and a kick to the body! O’Reilly takes down the knee pad and kicks Cole in the back of the head. One, two, COLE KICKS OUT. What is it going to take to end this?!

O’Reilly pulls the chain over to the top rope, sets a chair around Cole’s leg, climbs to the top rope and Cole whacks him with a chair before whatever he was planning could be achieved. Now it’s Cole’s turn to set up a spot. He’s got a chair upside down and he puts O’Reilly on the second rope in a seated position. The NeXTras weakly chant “Adam’s gonna kill you.” O’Reilly hits Cole with a low blow while he’s mouthing off instead of taking advantage! O’Reilly turns around and wraps the chain all the way around his right leg, cinching it tight. To the top rope! Chain loaded knee to the back to the head! One two three THAT IS IT!!

Your winner of this insane unsanctioned match is Kyle O’Reilly!

That’s it for night two of Takeover!

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