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Taya gets a WWE name

Turns out ‘Franky’ wasn’t the dog’s name...

Last Wednesday, NXT teased the arrival of former AAA, Impact, and Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie with clips of her dog running into the Capitol Wrestling Center. Those ended with the teaser that Franky would arrive on April 13 for the brand’s first Tuesday show.

There was some confusion as to whether Franky was the dog’s name, or Valkyrie’s. An updated spot that aired tonight (April 7) on Night One of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver cleared up the confusion - and gave Taya a new kayfabe surname, too.

It’s somewhat surprising they’d rename a fairly well-known commodity like the former Knockouts champ. But WWE filed for trademark on “Franky Monet” earlier this year, so they’ve got their ducks in a row to own the character’s name this time. And Mrs. John Morrison is clearly okay with this plan, so...

Thoughts on Taya’s new name? Guesses about her character based on these hype videos? What will be first up for Ms. Monet?

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