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Bronson Reed becomes #1 contender for the North American championship


NXT used the two night format of TakeOver: Stand and Deliver to crown a new #1 contender to Johnny Gargano’s North American title night one (tonight, Apr. 7), with the winner challenging the champ tomorrow on night two.

Last week, a battle royal decided the field of competitors and the order for a Gauntlet Eliminator. A Gauntlet Eliminator is a gauntlet match but instead of a new competitor coming out after the prior match ends, they enter ever three minutes, so the ring could get rather busy.

The match started with two men are embroiled in a feud - Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Leon Ruff. The men brawled until big Bronson Reed crashed the party to use his pure size to dominate the smaller men.

The wealthy Cameron Grimes was the next to enter, and the three smaller men were able to neutralize Reed for awhile. The Carolina Caveman then reached into his trunks and pulled out a wad of cash, which he gave to Scott, a deal being struck.

Those two then worked together, eventually their partnership leading to Scott eliminating his foe Leon Ruff.

Dexter Lumis was the next entrant, dropping Bronson with a DDT on the way to the ring. But the big man would soon join the creepy one in the ring and the big bruisers exchanged blows for a while.

LA Knight was the last man to arrive, cutting a promo on the way to the ring. Why not do what he does best? This was interrupted by Bronson Reed, who went on to exert his dominance over the four remaining men for a period of time.

Things would reset and Dexter Lumis locked the Silence in on Grimes. However a savvy Knight used this opportunity to pin Lumis and eliminate him. Unfortunately for L.A., all three remaining men attacked him and Reed pinned him for the elimination.

To make matters worse, Dexter attacked L.A. on the outside afterwards. Rough turn of events for Knight right there.

It was down to the alliance of Scott & Grimes against Reed. But that broke down and Swerve rolled up Cameron to eliminate the rich boy. Money only goes so far, I guess.

It being down to Scott & Reed, the outcome was in little doubt. Swerve did all he could to try to keep the big man down. That included three House Call kicks to the head. But even that wasn’t enough. Bronson fired back and delivered a splash from the top to seal his victory.

He’ll face Johnny Gargano tomorrow night, who will have his work cut out for him.

You can find all the results to TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night One at the live blog here.

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