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WWE Hall of Fame 2020 & 2021 ceremony highlights: nWo, Kane, more!

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  • JBL apologizes to absolutely nobody
  • Harry Smith honors his father British Bulldog’s legacy
  • Jushin “Thunder” Liger gets goosebumps over induction
  • William Shatner is welcomed into the Class of 2020
  • Welcome the newest WWE Hall of Fame Legacy inductees
  • The Bella Twins bring twin magic to the Class of 2020
  • Titus O’Neil is the 2020 Warrior Award recipient
  • The nWo enters WWE Hall of Fame “for life”
  • Rob Van Dam’s five-star Hall of Fame induction speech
  • Molly Holly takes her place in the Class of 2021
  • The Great Khalids takes his giant step into the Class of 2021
  • Ozzy Osbourne rides the “Crazy Train” into the Class of 2021
  • Meet the latest WWE Hall of Fame Legacy inductees
  • Eric Bischoff revolutionizes his way into the Class of 2021
  • Rich Hering is the 2021 Warrior Award recipient
  • Kane’s fire still burns as he becomes a Hall of Fame
  • JBL recalls humble beginnings and WWE glory
  • British Bulldog’s family reflects on his Hall of Fame career
  • The Bella Twins share Hall of Fame spotlight
  • Titus O’Neil hopes to inspire with Warrior Award recognition
  • The nWo stand the test of time
  • Rob Van Dam feels the love from the WWE Universe
  • Molly Holly shares full WWE Hall of Fame induction speech
  • Eric Bischoff cherishes the small moments along the journey
  • Rich Hering to be part of the WWE family
  • Kane humbled by the biggest honor of his career