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Another fiery Talking Smack promo, another motivational speech from Paul Heyman

It’s almost becoming standard now for wrestlers to take their best work to the desk of Raw Talk or Talking Smack, and there’s a discussion, for another day of course, to be had about why exactly that seems to be the case. It’s also becoming something of the standard expectation for wrestlers who aren’t being used the way they’d like to be to passionately pitch themselves while Paul Heyman, the co-host of Talking Smack, acts as a motivational speaker.

The latest example, from this week’s show, comes from Natalya and Tamina, who are pissed they aren’t currently on the card at WrestleMania 37 and believe women are missing from the card:

Natalya: “We are the directive. Is that good enough for you, Kayla? Was that a good enough answer? Was that politically correct enough for you? Am I being sweet enough, kind enough, awesome enough? Am I pretty enough? Am I enough for you anymore? Or should I knock on Vince McMahon’s door and ask him what the hell he wants from me? Because I’m tired of being a good girl. Being a good girl, being a door mat, got me nowhere and door mats get walked on. Did I answer your question?”

Heyman: “You know I love you, right? If I haven’t proven it to you over the years, with all the support I’ve given you, with the 3 am text messages back-and-forth, I love you. I love you as if you were my own sister. Let me tell you something, from the bottom of my heart — cut the shit, please. Come on. Stop bitching and moaning and complaining and kvetching about not being on WrestleMania and do something about it. If knocking on Vince McMahon’s door or kicking down Vince McMahon’s door or stretching Vince McMahon down on the ground doesn’t get the job done then smack around every single person on the female roster until there’s no roster left and you’re the only females left to be on WrestleMania to represent the female empowerment movement. Just eliminate all the competition that stops you from being on WrestleMania. There shouldn’t be competition for the two of you being on WrestleMania because you have earned your spots on WrestleMania for years and years and years. It’s not like you just fell off a cliff. You deserve it and you’ve earned it now. If your father saw you like this, he would pull the hair off of his chin and he’d pull the chin off of his face. If your grandfather saw what you were doing he would beat the crap out of your father for raising you this way. I won’t even say what your (Tamina’s) father would do if he saw you this way. Do something about It, damn it! Stop bitching and moaning and complaining. You want to be on WrestleMania? Get your asses on WrestleMania. Impose your will like you’ve done for years. That’s what your family and her family has always been about. You’re a member of the Hart family, you’re a member of a dynasty. If they left you off WrestleMania wrongly, get your asses on WrestleMania. Okay?”

Tamina: “Okay.”

This kind of interaction always makes for good viewing, considering the talent on display each time. It’s just a matter of how disconnected it is from the main WWE television programs. Far too often, these promos don’t ever really go anywhere.

That may not be the case here, at least not in a sense. The belief is there will be a multi-team women’s tag match added to WrestleMania to set up a tag title match the next night. We’ll see if this is used to further Nattie & Tamina’s run through the tag division or if it’s quickly forgotten about like so many of the other promos just like it.

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