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The NFL Draft featured an incredible Cleveland Browns Macho Man Randy Savage cosplay

The NFL Draft is being held in Cleveland, Ohio this year and fans are being allowed to attend the event. Not only that, some fans are getting up on stage to represent their favorite team for a brief interaction with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before he announced their favorite team’s player selection.

In Round 2, broadcast tonight across multiple networks, the hometown Browns were up with the 52nd pick and while awaiting Goodell to walk onto the stage, the fan who got to go up there entertained the crowd with an impeccable Macho Man Randy Savage cosplay that everyone seemed to enjoy:

He’s even got all the mannerisms down!

Savage was billed from Florida during his pro wrestling career but he was born in Columbus, so there was a connection here beyond this guy simply deciding to be one of the most charismatic characters in history for the sake of entertaining the crowd.

If you care about such things, the Browns selected Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah with the pick, an inside linebacker out of Notre Dame.

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