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Pat McAfee on what it’s like having Vince McMahon in your ear

New SmackDown color commentator Pat McAfee was ready to meet Vince McMahon his first day on the job, but the WWE Chairman & CEO wasn’t at the show on April 16.

McAfee did get his handshake, and his first taste of having McMahon “in his ear” while calling the broadcast, last Friday. He’s been talking about it ever since.

On the Mon., April 26 edition of his regular daily sports talk show, McAfee broke down his brief pre-show meeting with Vince and Michael Cole, which he deemed a success since it opened with a firm handshake, involved McMahon ribbing Cole, and closed with a fist bump.

“I go in there, get called in after waiting like 15 minutes probably... I walk in there. He looks awesome! Swagged out. Great fit. Standing up at the time, and he goes, ‘Pat!’ And I go, “Mr. McMahon,” and I come in with the, you know I’m coming for it [for the handshake]. And he goes, ‘Vince,’ right before we make contact. Good shake, and then let go. First test passed, I feel like we had great web-to-web, good eye contact on it...

“And I was like, ‘Well, Vince, I know you don’t like to be complimented,” which is another thing I’ve heard... ‘but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say,’ and I told him like the thank you for everything, like the decades of entertainment and all that shit. Definitely a kiss ass moment, but also something that I would like him to know... appreciate the opportunity. ‘No problem,’ he kind of told me a couple of things real quick, made fun of Cole, kind of buried Cole. And I go ‘appreciate you,’ and I go with a fist bump back. So I didn’t know if he’s a fist bump guy or not - left hand comes out of the pocket, good pop, laugh, walk out - Whole thing about 45 seconds to a minute.”

The boyhood dream came true. Pat also addressed what a lot of people have predicted might be his downfall - having McMahon direct him during the live broadcast. So far so good on that front, too:

“He dropped into my ear, and he said something that was pretty hilarious, I laughed, and then Cole said, ‘Has he come into your ear?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he said ‘You’re good then.’

“And I was like, me and Vince - ARE WE BEST FRIENDS?!?! So then as the show goes on, he would drop in, and he would remind me of something or maybe tell me something - in a hilarious fashion. Which I would assume maybe others wouldn’t find hilarious, but I did find rather hilarious. And the we get to commercial break and I’d be like, ‘Golly, I can’t believe I’ or ‘That’s on me’ or whatever.

“‘Don’t worry,’ and it was literally like the voice of God in my head. And I feel like we had a good time.”

McAfee’s recounted his big night a couple different ways, including to Rich Eisen on Eisen’s Just Getting Started podcast:

It’s also chronicled in the “Mr. Friday Night” vlog Pat and his team are putting out every week. I find these to be a lot of fun, but fair warning - there are lengthy pitches for his sponsor, Roman (the hair loss treatment, not the Tribal Chief).

We’ll see how week three goes tonight (April 30). No word on if Vince will be there, but Pat Mac is probably gonna be gassed from working the NFL Draft last night.

Good luck, pal.

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