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Another way WWE’s cutting time off this year’s Hall of Fame Ceremony

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Even without Batista, thanks to the pandemic cancelling last year’s WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, the company has a big group of people to induct at the pre-WrestleMania 37 event.

In order to ensure the show (which was taped last week and will air on Peacock Tues., April 6) wasn’t 12 hours long, we’d already heard from Brie Bella that WWE was limiting Hall of Famers’ speeches to five minutes. Another member of this year’s combined class of honorees revealed another change.

On the premiere episode of his new Pro Wrestling 4 Life show, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman shared there were no inductors at the 2021 Ceremony:

“There were none... Jerry Lawler was out there, hosting like he normally would, and then it would go to a video package. And it was almost like the video package was the induction.”

Not having inductors will shorten the show, but it also cuts down the odds of good speeches and moments. For this year, that’s probably a fair trade-off, seeing as in addition to Waltman & the nWo, JBL, British Bulldog, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, The Bellas, Molly Holly, Eric Bischoff, The Great Khali, Kane, Rob Van Dam & WIlliam Shatner (and reportedly Titus O’Neil as the Warrior Award winner) will also be added to the Hall at this year’s Ceremony.

Will you miss individual induction speeches?