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Braun Strowman made WWE history on Monday night

The Monster Among Men had an interesting Monday night.

In a move that would foreshadow his being added to WrestleMania Backlash’s WWE title match, Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre started April 26’s show arguing about whether they needed each other to deal with T-BAR & MACE. The former RETRIBUTION guys, now calling themselves Extinction, used the numbers game to beat Braun down, which brought out McIntyre for the save - and the scheduled tag match.

Typical unwilling tag partner problems led to a countout win for Extinction, and set-up a singles main event between Strowman and the big Scot. Winning that match (after lots of distractions and what not from T-BAR, MACE, MVP and WWE champion Bobby Lashley, who really needs to stylize his name in all caps if he’s gonna keep hanging with those other guys) earned Braun his spot at May 16’s PPV.

Being booked in at all earned him a spot in the history books:

Pretty cool.

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