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Andrade’s booked his return match, but I won’t be watching

Alberto Del Rio/El Patron’s trial for aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault is scheduled to start next week (May 3).

The case is going forward despite a since-deleted Instagram post from his alleged victim retracting her accusations. Many received her retraction with skepticism. That skepticism is rooted in Del Rio’s ex-fiancée Paige’s stories of similar treatment.

Why bring this all up again? Because according to Del Rio, he’ll be wrestling Andrade in the latter’s first booking since his WWE release last month.

Del Rio (real name Jose Rodriguez Chucuan) told Super Luchas he’ll face Andrade on July 31 in McAllen, Texas. He claims the show will also feature Kalisto, who was released by WWE shortly after Andrade, along with other big names like Cinta de Oro (the former Sin Cara), Sexy Star, Blue Demon Jr., Primo, and Epico.

There’s historic precedent for not taking something Del Rio says as gospel, so it’s possible this show is something Del Rio is thinking out loud about and isn’t yet set in stone. Andrade has not promoted, or commented on, the booking.*

And if Del Rio’s trial proceeds on schedule and doesn’t go in his favor, he certainly wouldn’t be able to take part.

We’ll see what happens. But as curious as I am about Andrade’s post-WWE career, if this July 31 show does happen as Del Rio says it will, I won’t be watching the start of it.

* UPDATE: Andrade has posted about the match on his Instagram Story.

Andrade’s Instagram

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