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Sonya Deville says Charlotte Flair’s suspension was bad for business

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Sonya Deville made a surprise appearance on last night’s (Apr. 26) Raw, where she reinstated Charlotte Flair from her suspension. In effect, Deville pulled a fast one on Adam Pearce by undermining his original decision and not giving him a heads up on what she had planned for Flair’s immediate return.

In the above video from Raw Talk, Deville explains why she made that decision. What it ultimately comes down to is that she doesn’t see how suspending Flair is good for business. Flair is a human who made a mistake (attacking referees) in the heat of the moment, and Pearce is the one who acted in haste when he suspended her in the first place. Sonya doesn’t understand why anybody would think this might create friction between her and Pearce. She simply followed her gut instinct and made a sensible split-second decision about one of WWE’s top superstars.

Deville is point-blank asked if the reason she booked Mandy Rose in a match against Flair is due to her personal war with Mandy from last year. Sonya denied there is any connection there. She has no bias towards anybody on the Raw or SmackDown roster, including Rose.

It looks like Sonya’s argument was persuasive enough to convince the panel that she’s being honest about Mandy. It’s too bad they didn’t ask if her decision on Flair could encourage other top stars like Roman Reigns to take liberties with WWE officials (like Adam Pearce) going forward.

Sonya has been back on WWE television for four months in this authority role, and her prominence seems to be steadily increasing now. What do you think is the endgame here?