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Ryback has a very dumb and bad tweet about COVID vaccines

Ryback doesn’t just make videos about eating food and being jacked. No, he also tweets very dumb and bad things about COVID vaccines:

Ryback goes on to explain that he’s not criticizing anybody who does decide to get a vaccine. He supports them too.

There are a lot of problems with Ryback’s message. For example, the idea that people can simply rely on their immune systems to beat COVID is ridiculous when you consider that more than three million people worldwide have died from the virus in a little over a year.

The best way to “live life” and move on from COVID is for as many people who are able to get vaccinated to actually go ahead and get vaccinated. If an inadequate amount of people are vaccinated, variants of COVID can more quickly develop and spread, potentially rendering current vaccines ineffective. This could result in a crippling setback towards the effort to save lives and safely move on from the global pandemic. Mass vaccinations are the key driver for a return to normalcy.

If you are able to get vaccinated, the responsible thing to do is to get vaccinated. To that end, I am receiving my first dose of a COVID vaccine today, because that is the responsible thing to do for my own health and for the health of the population at large.

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