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Mustafa Ali is back on Main Event having the best match of the week

It’s pretty wild just how different WWE Raw and AEW Dynamite are right now in terms of the number of wrestlers each program features per hour on television. It feels like Raw is working short-handed, to the point where Braun Strowman worked three different matches on last night’s (Apr. 26) broadcast. Meanwhile just about everyone in AEW is part of a faction, and the two hours are sometimes crammed with 60+ wrestlers making an appearance. There must be a happy medium in between, I imagine.

In the case of Raw, it’s hard enough as it is to get through three hours when the roster is running at full capacity. But these episodes that are padded out with needlessly long six man tag team matches that the audience knows are straight filler can really test one’s patience and tolerance for uninspired pro wrestling content.

That’s why it’s even more maddening to see that Mustafa Ali will be fighting Ricochet on this week’s episode of Main Event. Ali hyped up his return to Main Event by declaring that he’ll have the best match of the week:

I have my doubts about Ali’s match being better than Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan coming up on this week’s SmackDown. But the bigger point that Ali is making here should be apparent. This guy’s talents deserve to be featured on Raw, especially when WWE is desperate enough for content that they end up booking three different Braun Strowman matches in one night.

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