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Adnan Virk doesn’t know how boats and trains work

Adnan Virk is the new play-by-play guy on the Raw commentary team, and he’s having a rough go of it. Virk has been on the job for three weeks, and it’s painfully obvious that he’s not ready for the gig. This is much more WWE’s fault than his, considering the company’s failure to accurately assess his skills at pro wrestling commentary, and then misplacing him in such a high profile spot while he’s still in training mode.

On last week’s broadcast, Virk awkwardly talked about unloading. He followed that up last night (Apr. 26) with this gem of an exchange with Corey Graves, during Braun Strowman’s Choo Choo Express.

Virk: “Strowman going outside the ring. You know what this means, guys! Clear the tracks! We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

Graves: “What kind of boat do you know that operates on tracks, Virk?”

Later in the show, when John Morrison attacked Kofi Kingston with a tomato during a six man tag match, Virk said, “Using the tomato to his advantage! You have to appreciate the moxie of Morrison.” I’m actually willing to put the blame for that one on WWE’s shoulders for creating such a rotten segment to begin with.

The bottom line is that after three weeks, it’s clear that Virk is in over his head. It’s reached the point where folks are wondering just how long Vince McMahon will stick with him in this role. But Adnan is closely connected with WWE President Nick Khan, who has seemingly amassed a ton of power and influence in WWE. Perhaps that relationship will provide Virk with quite a long time to improve his performance before Vince changes direction.

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