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WWE NXT results, live blog (April 27, 2021): Adam Cole speaks

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: Former NXT champion Adam Cole sits down with Arash Markazi for his first interview since losing to Kyle O’Reilly in TakeOver: Stand & Deliver’s main event, Bronson Reed tries to earn another shot at Johnny Gargano’s North American title by beating Austin Theory, a trios match pitting Cruiserweight champion Kushida and Tag champs MSK against Legado Del Fantasma, Mercedes Martinez looks to send a message to Women’s champ Raquel González when she faces Dakota Kai, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


It’s Tuesday night and it’s showtime. Let’s do this! We have a women’s match off the top.

Dakota Kai vs. Mercedes Martinez

Raquel González (and her women’s title) accompany Dakota Kai to the ring. The lights go down and Martinez comes down with a mask on and a mean look in her eyes. Wade Barrett reminds us she’s an intimidating presence even on a good day. The two lock up at the bell, Kai goes for an arm wringer, Martinez punches her way out. Kai goes for a leg headlock but Martinez flip flops free and starts decking Kai with right hands. Kai tries to leapfrog but Martinez catches her, throws her down, and paintbrushes the back of her head. Clotheslines. Spinebuster. Near fall. Kai gets up and eats forearms to the face. Kai blocks a lift and hits a DDT for a near fall. She whips Martinez into the corner and gives her a kick to the face, then drags her to the center for another near fall.

González looks on from the outside as Kai tries to choke Martinez out with the second rope. She beats Martinez down in the corner, but Martinez fires back with uppercuts. Backbreaker by Kai for a near fall. González shouts out instructions to her friend. Kai stretches Martinez out from behind and she groans in pain. Martinez counters to an inside cradle. Kai kicks her, steps back, and misses with a boot to the corner. Martinez drills her with forearms as she’s stuck in the ropes. She pushes Kai to the top for more hammerfists and climbs up behind. Kai elbows her off but Martinez comes right back. Cliffhanger for a near fall. Martinez is tripped with a drop toe hold into the ropes. Kai with a boot to the face and Martinez rolls out to recover as we go to commercial!

And we’re back with Kai having been in control during the commercials, and she tosses Martinez out of the ring, who responds with a forearm and a spear into the ring apron. She’s caught with a kick as she tries to toss Kai in and step through the ropes, Double knees to the face for a two count. González continues to advise Kai from ringside before the two women trade shots (and a headbutt). Short arm clothesline puts Kai down and Martinez howls with anger. Chops and forearms follow. Martinez with the double underhook suplex not once, not twice, but THREE times. Martinez snaps the left arm and Kai falls out to the floor in pain. González tried to attack Martinez when she went outside but missed. Martinez does NOT miss and gives her a forearm before getting in the ring. Martinez hoists Kai onto her shoulders and González gives her a boot to the face for the DQ!

The winner of this match (via disqualification) is Mercedes Martinez

González whips her into the barricade, mouths off, and throws her into the ring post. It sounds like she’s saying “I run this place, I am the champion” in Spanish. She picks up Martinez and LAWN DARTS her into the barricade. Kai hands González her women’s title and she puts it over her right shoulder, still talking trash.

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart are backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. Moon: “It’s the same tricks it’s just a new day, and we all know they’ve lost their WAY.” They’re given flowers and Franky Monet interrupts to read the card attached - it says “Love, Dexter Lumis.” Commercial!

Dexter Grimes is shopping for some bling bling, and he wants “the most extravagant watch that’s in the city.” The jeweler says he has something for him but we have to wait until part two because back in the ring the Grizzled Young Veterans have something to say.

James Drake: “It seems that MSK will compete in any sort of match except for the one taht really matters, except for the one that really matters, where they defend those titles against GYV.” Zack GIbson: “They’re a great team but personally they’re the two biggest knobheads I’ve ever met. We are the leaders this scene so desperately needs. We are the fire that’s going to ignite this division and if it melts a few snowflakes so be it. We are the Grizzled Young Veterans, SSSSSSSOON to be recognized as the next and most important...”

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thacher interrupt. Ciampa: “I hate to be the guy who interrupts another man while he’s talking, but I couldn’t help but notice the similarities. Toothless TImmy and I we’re grizzled, we’re veterans. You talk about wanting to be the leaders, but Toothless Timmy and I know a thing or two about being leades. By the sound of it we all want to face MSK and become the next tag team champion. Last time we stepped foot in a ring with y’all, you happened to find a way. Hell ol’ double T over here even started watching footage of y’all and taking notes.” Thatcher: “What did I find? A lot of strengths, but there was just one show, NXT UK Takeover Cardiff. How did that go? Shoes off if you hate Gibson.” Thatcher starts singing and Ciampa takes off his left shoe to bonk both men in the head. GYV bail out of the ring and the OTHER grizzled veterans celebrate!

Backstage interview. Drake Maverick: “A tag team match tonight with Imperium. I wonder how that came about.” Killian Dain: “Same way you always get it. I asked!” Maverick says he knows that he’ll get jumped by Imperium, but Dain says “In the immortal words of a great man you gotta have faith.” Maverick: “Did he just quote George Michael on me?” A promo from Xia Li flanked by Boa as we go to break.

“Swerve” Scott is in the recording studio again. He says Leon Ruff is a coward for blindsiding him. “I thought about this, I really thought about this, and actually I’m proud of you. Swerve didn’t think you had it in you. It’s obvious the ring can’t contain us any more. I’m going to propose something since the ball’s in my court — falls count anywhere.” That match is booked for NEXT WEEK on NXT!

Toni Storm vs. Zayda Ramier

Storm: “Zoey Stark, you owe me a thank you. At Takeover I made you famous. People only know who you are because of me. When history is written you will merely be a footnote in my legendary career. My next chapter reads Toni Storm ends Zoey Stark. I hope you’re watching because every time I slap this rookie, I’m going to imagine it’s you.”

Storm hits Ramier with a big boot immediately. She throws Ramier into the ropes and knocks her down on the rebound. Clubbing shot to the back fo the head. Beal from one side of the ring to the other. Diving clothesline. She pulls Ramier back to her feet, picks her up for a back breaker, and stretches her out over the right knee. She lets Ramier go and pursues her to the corner. Ramier tries to fight back with shots to the gut but is taken down with an uppercut. Ramier blocks Storm with a boot and tries to wildly attack Storm with hands and feet, but Storm ducks both kicks and hits a suplex. Ramier gets up and drapes herself on the ropes, and Storm charges her in the corner twice. Storm with the double underhooks but instead of the Storm Zero she throws Ramier down, picks her up, and sets her on the top rope. She climbs up for the underhooks again, and Zoey Stark hits the apron to distract Storm. It’s enough for Ramier to fight back with right hands, and she jumps off the top ropes with a shooting star press to pin Storm!

The winner of the contest: Zayda Ramier

Barrett says he’s terrified watching that SSP and so was I — she just BARELY got around all the way to land on top of Storm, who had to scoot into position before she even leapt off. Backstage Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma promise to MAKE A STATEMENT in the main event of NXT. Escobar: “And then I reclaim what’s rightfully mine — the NXT, cruiserweight, championship.” Meanwhile Bronson Reed is walking to the ring for his match but Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae are staring holes through him. Reed gets a title shot at Gargano if he wins NEXT after this commercial break!

Before our match we have a promo from LA Knight. “Indi, let me talk to you. You did a bang up job of putting it on for that camera. There was a twinkle in your eye that tells me there was a tingle in your loins, and that ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve got lot of references you can ask anybody, and when you’ve been disappointed by Dexter Lumis you can call me. That’s not an insult, that’s a fact of life.” Ever-Rise try to cut a promo but McKenzie Mitchell says she’s not interested (neither am I) and sends us back to our match.

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory

Reed is waiting for Theory as The Way come out with their man and all enter the ring. Indi Hartwell is pouting because she clearly saw the flowers sent to Ember and Shotzi. The bell rings and Reed pushes Theory into the corner, then respectfully breaks clean. Collar and elbow tie up, Theory makes a go behind switch and paintbrushes Reed, and Reed is done playing. Reed puts Theory in a headlock, he does the same, Reed shoots him off the ropes and he bounces into the brick wall that is Reed and falls out of the ring selling. Theory with a boot to the gut and a forearm but he bounces off Reed again as Reed swats him with one arm, then knocks him out with a butt to the face. Gargano tries to lift him back into the ring, Reed charges, and Gargano steps out of the way before he is flattened like a pancake. That doesn’t help Theory though as he gets steamrolled. Theory makes a comeback though when Reed gets back in the ring with a huge dropkick. He pulls down the ropes and Reed spills to the floor. Double superkick by Gargano and LeRae and Theory dives outside to wipe Reed out on the floor. Theory stomps on the gut and goes for a whip into the steps. Reed tries to reverse, but Theory reverses right back and he goes into it ribs first. Commercial!

Back in the ring Theory stomps on the right hand and applies a chinlock to the seated Reed. He gets back to his feet and pulls the arms apart, then lands a few right hands before Theory misses an elbow drop and sells the pain. He rolls back in and Reed picks him up to drop him on his face. Reed knocks Theory down with his belly and hits a one armed slam. Reed with a senton for a near fall. The Way are distraught as they watch from ringside (except Indi who is still pouting). Drop toe hold by Theory to stun Reed. Neckbreaker for a near fall. Theory tries to hoist up Reed and actually gets him off his feet for a second, but still gets caught with a Samoan drop for two.

Theory gets up slowly as everybody looks on. Reed tries to hoist him up but Theory lands a superkick. Theory goes for a suplex and Reed reverses it, leaving both men down in the middle. Dexter Lumis walks out from the back and The Way are all looking in the ring and haven’t noticed him until he gets a few feet away. Gargano panics and pulls LeRae away. Hartwell tries to walk away but Lumis keeps walking after her. Hartwell rolls into the ring to get away. Theory charges and collides with Lumis after he shoves Hartwell out of harm’s way! Reed goes to the top rope for the Tsunami and picks up the win and the title shot.

The winner of this match: “The Colossal” Bronson Reed

KUSHIDA and MSK are backstage. Wes Lee: “Excited.” Nash Carter: “MSK and KUSHIDA tonight. That’s fire!” Lee: “Thanks for making our transition that much easier.” Carter: “Three is better than one.” Lee: “So tonight it’s going to be three on three on N-X-T.” KUSHIDA: “Tonight let’s show them we are champions. M-S-KUSHIDA!” Commercial.

Gargano, LeRae and Theory are pumping up Indi Hartwell backstage, saying that Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart are trying to steal her man, and it’s now abundantly clear that LeRae sent the NXT women’s champions the flowers and card. Hartwell storms off in a fury to go find them and do some damage. Time for another match!

The Imperium vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Dain tells Maverick he’s starting the match and sends him outside. Dain and Fabian Aichner tie up. Dain sends him flying across the ring and Aichner resets. He tries a club to the back and a kick to the gut. Dain reverses a charge and blocks a lift with an uppercut. Aichner does a criss-cross and is tackled to the canvas. Dain hoists Aichner onto his shoulders but Marcel Barthel reaches out for the tag. Barthel is thrown off and clothesline to the floor. He steps through the ropes and charges, eating an uppercut. Scoop slam from Dain and he tags in Maverick, then is thrown in on top of Barthel. Maverick tries to whip him and is reversed. Barthel hoists Maverick. Maverick escapes and dropkicks the knee, then the face. Barthel clubs the back to get back into control. Maverick with a hurricanrana and he goes to the top rope. Barthel drags him off the ropes by the arm as the NeXTras boo. Tag to Aichner. Dain tries to step in but the ref holds him off because he’s not legal and Imperium beat up Maverick two on one before we go to a commercial.

We’re back with Maverick crawling toward the camera to pull himself up by the ropes. Barthel whips him to the heel corner with total disregard. Maverick kicks him in the knee and crawls for a tag, kicking away Aichner after he tags in, but Barthel knocks Dain off the ropes before Maverick can get to him. Aichner with a backbreaker and a big elbow for a near fall. Maverick screams as he sits up, refusing to go out like that (at least yet). Aichner grabs him by the seat of his pants and swings him around. Maverick stands up and fires off right hands and kicks. He dives for Dain but gets planted by Aichner instead. Double down and both men go for the tag. Barthel charges Dain but gets floated outside.

Both men are down again. Barthel yanks Dain off the apron and Aichner kicks Maverick in the head from behind. Two on one beating in the heel corner. Dain comes in and cleans house, legal or not. The ref tries in vain to send him out as HE sends IMPERIUM out. Dain gets a boot to the face on the floor from Barthel for his trouble, and he orders Alexander Wolfe to whack Dain with a steel chair. Wolfe refuses to do it. Maverick dives while the two argue. Dain throws Maverick back into the ring and goes back to work on the outside. He gets posted into the steel steps. Aichner is blocked with boots by Maverick and goes for a crossbody but Aichner rolls through and Barthel hits the assisted Euro Bomb for the pin.

The winners (as you would expect): Imperium

Pete Dunne: “Everybody’s talking about new opportunities but nobody’s mentioning my name, and that’s because I’ve got the whole locker room shook. That title is mine any time that I want it. Or maybe I’ll go home and take back the title I made famous. Gargano you step to me and we know how it goes — BITTER END. Karrion Kross, you don’t intimidate me. I don’t need smoke and mirrors. When I walk in the room, the mood changes. I’m the baddest man in NXT. Try to prove me wrong — I dare ya.” Commercial.

Ted DiBiase just upstaged Cameron Grimes with a watch more bling than his! Nice touch.

Jessi Kamea & Aliyah vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon

Before this match can even begin, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell come out to attack Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon, just as they were being handed gifts of fruit and cupcakes from the stage crew. Robert Stone acts like his proteges just won the titles but since the match never began how could that even be possible?

Officially the match is a no contest

Adam Cole: “I’ve been better, for sure, I’ve also been worse. When you look back at my 403 legendary reign, the War Games I went through, the broken wrist, whether I’m 100% or not I’m better than the rest of that roster. Listen I know you’re new around here but I don’t make mistakes, I make decision. I’ve been carrying not just The Undisputed Era but NXT on my back for the last four years. As far as I’m concerned they turned their backs on me. People get so excited at every turn to say ‘This is going to be the next big thing in NXT.’ Kyle got lucky at Takeover, and he’s going to listen to people saying he’s ready for the main event spot. He’s not. I know the anxiety that he’s dealing with, I know that he is not sure if he’s ready for the main event. He’s definitely not ready to be NXT champion. It’s very real. As long as I’m in NXT, he’s never taking my spot. The NXT championship picture has always been one of the most competitive divisions on the planet. Karrion Kross is good... is he great yet? I don’t know. The first time he became champion, that freak injury... was it a freak injury or was he not ready? If and when I decide to go after the championship, for Karrion Kross the clock’s ticking. Where I go next? That’s none of your damn business. I’m upset people think Kyle O’Reilly is going to replace me. But wherever I go Adam Cole is going to be the best damn Adam Cole that anybody has ever seen. I can promise you that.”

Kyle O’Reilly is watching on a monitor backstage and he just shakes his head. After that we get a teaser for something called DIAMOND MINE and a commercial break.

Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK & KUSHIDA

All six men jaw at each other in the ring until the ref finally regains a measure of control. KUSHIDA starts the match with Joaquin Wilde, who gets a takedown and shakes his hips. KUSHIDA takes him down with an arm ringer and Nash Carter tags in for a dive, then tags Wes Lee for a dive of his own. Wilde hits a jawbreaker and a punch to the gut, throws him to the heel corner, and Raul Mendoza tags in. Double team leg split and kick for a near fall. Wilde tags back in as they cut off the ring with quick tags to work Lee over. Lee hits a dropkick to recover and tags Carter. They deliver kicks and a double stomp to Mendoza and dropkick Escobar to the floor. KUSHIDA tags in and he hits a sliding dropkick to the face and a backspring handstand to clear the apron before we go to commercial break!

Legado got control during the break via picture in picture, and Nash Carter is screaming in pain in the middle of the ring as Escobar worked the arm. Mendoza tags in and the beating continues. Wilde tags in and Carter goes for an inside cradle for two. Mendoza tags in and they both stomp on Carter in the heel corner. Carter tries to fight back with punches but gets clubbed and kicked down. Wilde tags in. Suplex for a near fall. Escobar tags in for boots and stomps. The crowd weakly tries to start a chant but the NeXTras seem kind of tired tonight. Carter fights back with punches again but Escobar cuts him off. He tries to throw Carter but he lands on his feet and runs to tag KUSHIDA, and Mendoza gets a tag as well. KUSHIDA flips and cartwheels all over the ring. Shoulder separator by KUSHIDA. Palm strike. Tag to Lee! Carter tags in. He’s thrown onto Wilde for a near fall. KUSHIDA stands on the ropes and holes them open for stereo suicide dives by MSK.

On the outside Escobar yanks KUSHIDA down and slams him THROUGH the announce table. Mendoza takes out Carter with the steel steps. Lee is all alone in the ring trying to overcome the odds three on one, but Wilde catches him with a dropkick and beats him up. WWE personnel attend to KUSHIDA and Carter as all of Legado take turns charging Lee in the corner. One tag after the other. Wade Barrett: “The referee might need to throw this one out.” Wilde gets a near fall as Lee kicks out with what little strength he has left. Mendoza tags in and Escobar looks on. Lee knocks Legado into each other. Escobar goes for a splash and Lee rolls out of the way! Lee with backhands and kicks to knock the heels down. Carter has crawled his way back to the corner and gotten to the tag rope. Lee makes the tag! Carter kicks for everyone. KUSHIDA sells his arm and stumbled into the ring. Phantom Driver from Escobar to KUSHIDA. Carter gets double teamed for the pin and that’s it.

The winners of the main event are Legado del Fantasma

Good night from the Capitol Wrestling Center!

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