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Raw is rotten tomatoes

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There was an episode of “Miz TV” on Monday Night Raw this week, where Elias and Jaxson Ryker joined The Miz & John Morrison to sing together, creating an audio nightmare none of us could wake up from. Thankfully, Damian Priest, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston showed up to save us from the pain.

With tomatoes.

Rotten tomatoes.

I mean it:

Get it? They rated them poorly but this is pro wrestling, so instead of simply speaking that out, they quite literally got a bunch of tomatoes and used them to assault the two tag teams. Morrison took one to the family jewels while Miz ended up getting his dome splattered with another.

It was quite the scene, as you can see in the above video. It’s too bad live crowds aren’t back yet, we can only imagine just how well received this segment would have been.

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