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Here’s the trash bag joke you knew was coming to Being The Elite

Last week, Mickie James posted a photo of the “care package” she got from WWE after her release the Thursday before. It showed all of her gear in a trash bag with a Post-It note that simply read, “Mickie”.

That started a chain reaction of events as WWE sought to minimize the public relations damage. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon publicly apologized. John Laurinaitis got on the phone with wrestlers to privately say “sorry”. Long-time company man Mark Carrano lost his job. And the wrestle web just knew it was going to be a bit on The Young Bucks’ YouTube show, Being The Elite.

It’s not always the case, but this time, the wrestle web was right.

Toward the end of episode 253, “Hit By A Truck”, Matt & Nick Jackson are talking to their friend & camera man Brandon Cutler. Earlier in this week’s show, we learn Cutler’s going to be out with a broken face. So The Bucks figured he won’t be needing his ring gear for a couple months, and...

Being The Elite’s YouTube

In case you didn’t get the reference - somewhat understandable since that’s a shopping bag, not the Hefty drawstring number Mickie got in the mail, Brandon spells it out, asking:

“Did you guys put all my stuff in a trash bag?”

As AEW shots at WWE go, this one isn’t particularly clever. But it’ll land with much of the BTE audience, while angering others who will then go online to talk about. Right or wrong, that’s what makes the wrestle web go round.