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Let’s overthink’s new show banners

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WWE is giving themselves a post-WrestleMania makeover. We’ve seen new announce teams on Raw and SmackDown, and a new logo & entrance theme (not to mention a new night) for NXT.

A revamp of’s “Shows” page is small potatoes compared to Adnan Virk, or Pat McAfee, or Poppy. But it’s got people talking around the wrestle web today (April 26). Who are we to not encourage that conversation?

In addition to being a generally fresher look, the thing that stands out on most of these five images is the diversity of the roster. It wasn’t that long ago they would have been all white faces, with maybe one Black, one Latino, and one Asian one. Hell, there was a time this century where they would have featured mostly men.

Speaking of the much improved representation for women, Raw seems to have a type...

Going with three blondes instead of, oh say, the woman who was champion for most of last year, is telling. But it’s not a surprise WWE under-appreciates Asuka. Thank goodness Bobby Lashley retained at ‘Mania or this one might be even more melanin deficient (champions are at the forefront for all but one of the shows).

SmackDown balances out the color palette nicely among both males and females:

Although the conspiracy against Sami Zayn is clearly real.

For a show that boasts the best women’s roster in the business, having the NXT Women’s champion be the only female wrestler on their banner is a choice:

Kyle O’Reilly as the lone representative of the now defunct Undisputed ERA is a bit of shock to the system, and probably won’t stop speculation Adam Cole could be looking to join his girlfriend in AEW ASAP.

By virtue of being one of the brand’s seemingly forever champions, WALTER is prominently featured for NXT UK. More confirmation his excursion to NXT Prime was a WrestleMania season one-off:

Also, those Pretty Deadly blokes are pretty.

Last but certainly least (sorry, just calling it like I see it)...

The Cruiserweight champion actually doesn’t appear on any of these (the previous champ is on NXT’s banner), which could be a sign Kushida’s win was a surprise. Or it could just be that the super juniors are as much of an afterthought for WWE as they are for some fans. Sorry, again. See above.

Let us know what you think of, and are overthinking about,’s new show banners in the comments below.