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Mickie James releases statement on WWE’s response to trash bag incident

Mickie James wasn’t the first wrestler WWE has fired and had their belongings sent to them in a trash bag but she was the first who took it to social media. This resulted in a predictable backlash against the company and public apologies from the likes of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

It also resulted in Mark Carrano, a longtime talent relations executive, losing his job. He may or may not have been a scapegoat, considering the accounts of former wrestlers who claimed they were treated the same but a public display was made nonetheless.

James, in what she’s calling her final statement on the matter, is now saying she takes no joy in someone losing their job over this but is happy that this likely means no future wrestlers are subjected to this kind of treatment:

That’s an admirable attitude to adopt after being unceremoniously fired. It speaks to the very growth she speaks of in her statement.

Perhaps we can all move along now.

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