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Daniel Bryan gets another Universal title shot ... with one BIG stipulation

This week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown was largely dedicated to heating up Cesaro while pushing the idea that he should be the next challenger for the Universal championship. Daniel Bryan acted as an advocate for him on screen, much in the same way he’s been that behind-the-scenes, and it all seemed to be leading to Roman Reigns accepting a match against Cesaro with his title on the line.

Naturally, then, we ended up with yet another Reigns vs. Bryan title match.


Reigns outright dismissed the idea of wrestling Cesaro, instead saying he’s the one who dishes out the challenges on the blue brand and his challenge was for Bryan. He just added one big stipulation to it:

Bryan, good guy that he is, initially seemed hesitant about all this, but Cesaro encouraged him to go after the title. That was before the above clip. The added stipulation makes it a lot more interesting, and paves the way for Bryan to take an extended break and/or move over to Monday Night Raw.

Either way, it’s a big money main event on Friday Night SmackDown next week.

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