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Charlotte Flair is done responding to rumors about her body

Charlotte Flair’s Twitter

During the time she was off television in mid-2020, reports hit that Charlotte Flair was undergoing elective surgery. At that time, Flair chose to share her experience with breast implants.

Charlotte was hit with a storyline fine & suspension this past Monday (April 19), and rumors followed that was to give her time to have a dental procedure done. In discussing that story on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer editorialized, saying the 12 time WWE Women’s champion was in the process of getting a “complete makeover”, as the culture of wrestling makes women “subconscious” about their appearance.

After The Queen tweeted some photos of herself in ring gear, a fan sent a clip of Meltzer’s comments to Flair. She fired back, specifically at him, but in general to state she’s done responding to rumors about her body.

First and foremost, good for Charlotte. She doesn’t owe any of us an explanation for her choices - certainly not for ones that have no effect on anyone else.

It is natural for fans and observers to comment on the performer’s appearances in an image-focused business like pro wrestling. While to some extent wrestlers “signed up for it”, they’re human beings, and the constant discussion of their looks has to wear on them. That’s amplified for women, who society starts barraging with messages about what’s wrong with them at a very early age.

Which is part of the point Meltzer was trying to make. But by tacking that bit of empathy on to the end of his thoughts instead of leading with it, he opened himself up to this criticism. Well, that and his track record, which includes a 2018 issue where he was taken to task by numerous WWE Superstars - including Flair - for discussing how he found Peyton Royce (now Cassie McIntosh) more attractive before she had plastic surgery.

Bottom line, Charlotte says she’s done explaining herself to us on these issues. Hopefully that decision gives her some peace.

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