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WWE fires staff member who sent Mickie James a trash bag in the mail (Updated)

Mickie James is still waiting to tell her story after being released by WWE last week. She mentioned on this week’s episode of Gaw TV that she often felt “comfortably uncomfortable” during her latest run in WWE, because they tried to pigeonhole her into a certain mold. She promised to elaborate more on her experience next week.

It turns out that one of those uncomfortable moments happened again today, when James received her belongings from WWE in the a trash bag:

Triple H responded to this incident by stating that the person responsible has been fired:

Stephanie McMahon then issued a personal apology to James and reiterated Triple H’s response:

CM Punk knows a thing or two about being treated like garbage by WWE while being released, and he made sure to chime in on Triple H’s response:

Meanwhile, Gail Kim didn’t sound surprised at all to see that this behavior is still happening in WWE:

Speaking of which, Maria Kanellis confirmed that she received her trash bag in the mail last year after she was released by WWE:

We’ll keep you updated on any more developments that come from this truly bizarre story.

UPDATE: WWE has reportedly fired Mark Carrano.

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