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WWE reportedly didn’t sell as many WrestleMania 37 tickets as they claim they did

No surprise here.

Especially for big events like WrestleMania, WWE will allegedly do some creative bookkeeping when it comes to attendance figures. It’s been said they’ll include staff, officials, security, and even wrestlers in their totals.

WrestlenomicsBrandon Thurston’s broke this down in 2019 by comparing WWE’s announced figures to what’s reported in their financial statements. From WrestleMania 24 to WrestleMania 34, Thurston found the touted attendance was 10 - 15K greater than what was in the Key Performance Indicators posted on their corporate website.

Following up on that, he reached out to the Tampa Sports Authority to see how WWE’s claim they sold 25,675 to each night of this year’s event held up. Those records indicate 18,328 people attended Raymond James Stadium on Sat., April 10, with the following night’s show having 18,924 fans come through the gates. Those figures are slightly lower than the number of tickets sold (20,172 and 20,634 respectively), possibly because brokers overestimated demand.

Either way, those figures fall thousands short of what the company announced.

With an average ticket price of $190, WWE did generate more than $3 million in revenue each night of WrestleMania 37. Thurston breaks those figures down in more detail in his full report at the Wrestlenomics site, which is well worth checking out (as is all his work, if you’re at all interested in the business of wrestling).

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