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Lilly’s secret origin is fine, but let’s not have Alexa Bliss Fiend-ing in the Raw Women’s division

I’m not as down on supernatural-themed pro wrestling characters and angles as my main man Geno. But I am in line with my guy Marcus’s take that they’re hard to pull off, and require adherence to a set of storytelling “rules”.

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen that WWE isn’t terribly interested in creating or following any guidelines when it comes to Bray Wyatt’s Fiend-iverse. Which is why while I’m actually fine with the introduction of a creepy doll who tells Alexa Bliss to do bad things...

... I’m not interested in seeing the version of Bliss we just watched more or less takeout Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt unleashed upon the Raw women’s division.

And that’s not even entirely because of WWE’s half-assed approach to horror & fantasy, or the fact that I’m not as enamored by Alexa’s performance as some seem to be. It’s also because the Raw women’s division is already a mess. As great as Charlotte Flair’s heel turn has been it’s already overshadowing champion Rhea Ripley (after former champ Asuka was a supporting player for at least the last six months of her reign), and the only established wrestlers outside the title scene are the tag champs who lose a lot.

The last thing Raw’s women need is for Bliss to turn into a Fiend-like character - or for Lilly to turn her into that, I guess? They’re still making the “rules” up as they go along, and won’t pay any attention to them in their pursuit of a reaction anyway. Lexi no-selling her way through matches before making someone puke black goo isn’t going to do her or her opponent any good.

WWE probably doesn’t care, though. As mentioned, they’re chasing that reaction, and the Fiend-iverse gets people to react.

Just don’t have Bliss wrestle under a red light, okay?

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