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WWE NXT results, live blog (April 20, 2021): Returns, debuts & celebrations

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: Kyle O’Reilly makes his first appearance since winning his brutal war with Adam Cole at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Plus, LA Knight faces Dexter Lumis, Kushida celebrates his Cruiserweight championship win, Sarray debuts, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Welcome back to the Capitol Wrestling Center! Tonight Sarray makes her long awaited NXT debut, and like the rest of you I can’t wait to see it, so cue the pyro and ballyhoo!

Kyle O’Reilly returns

Wade Barrett is dumbfounded that he’s strutting to the ring playing air guitar. I’m not. He’s happy that he defeated Adam Cole. Let’s hear it from the man himself though. “In life we face constant struggles and challenges. At Takeover Stand & Deliver I faced the toughest personal and physical test of my life. Guys can we turn the lights up a little bit in here?” He takes off his sunglasses and smiles. “Can you tell I’m actually in a great mood right now? It’s because I’m nowhere near Adam Cole. It’s behind me. I can move on. I can be myself again and it feels good. I LIKE IT A LOT. I’ve never been one to thrust myself into the spotlight. I’ve always realized my work and abilities in this ring would speak for themselves. Now that Adam Cole is behind me, I have to realize that it’s time to move on. What is next for Kyle O’Reilly? There’s something I learned at Takeover. To succeed here you have to find that killer instinct, and I’ve found that killer instinct. You have to be willing to go to those extremes. You have to be willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in this ring to achieve your goals. What are my goals? What’s my next objective? Do I continue to prove I am the guy here? Do I fight for the workhorse title, the North American championship, or do I take this killer instinct and hunt down the most dominant force NXT has ever seen? I’ve got all the time in the world... huh, a time reference. Well I must be talking to you Karrion Kross.”

Dexter Grimes’ music interrupts! He offers to “watch his back” and “invest in” Kyle O’Reilly. “Cool Kyle sunglasses. The crowd will love ‘em. We can even get this jacket printed up!” O’Reilly: “By the way thanks for the tip on the dogecoin. Love doges. Let’s celebrate our business relationship. I just got the word I’m medically cleared to wrestle. Don’t worry he’s not you we’re business associates.” He puts the shades on and says “Hey... it is you!!” He levels Grimes with a right hand and starts celebrating again. Can you blame him? This sends us to a video package of Sarray “arriving earlier today” and being greeted by William Regal. This is also where Zoey Stark made her challenge and got her match for tonight. Afterward LA Knight talks about his recent history. “Guess what dummies? What goes around comes around. Dexter Lumis you want to put your hands on me? Right while you’re looking at me I will off your on switch, and that’s not a promise, that’s a fact of life.” Commercial!

LA Knight vs. Dexter Lumis

NXT’s announce team can’t help but show us a highlight package of Indi Hartwell swooning so that Dexter Lumis could carry her to the back last week. Back in the CWC the bell rings and Lumis tries to stare a hole through Knight. Dueling chants from the NeXTras. The two lock up, Lumis pushes him toward the corner, Knight gets a reversal and breaks. He tries to throw a right on the break but Lumis ducks it. Knight knocks him down with a shoulder tackle and goes for a near fall, but Lumis jacks him with a shot to the jaw when he kicks out. Lumis pulls Knight up but Knight knocks him down with a boot. Knight tries to mouth off to his prone opponent and nearly gets caught in the Silencer before rolling outside. Lumis pulls him back in by the ears but Knight snaps his neck off the top rope and hits a flying shoulder tackle, telling the NeXTras to shut up when they cheer for him. High back body drop by Lumis as he crawls on his knees toward Knight, who crawls backward straight into the ring post, then gets punched while he’s selling his balls. Lumis goes for a splash in the corner when they get back in the ring but Knight his a neckbreaker and throws Lumis out, sending us to a commercial.

Knight was in control during the break, but Lumis starts delivering a series of right hands and a bulldog when we come back. Knight gets up stumbling and Lumis delivers a belly to back suplex and a leg drop. Rope assisted suplex for a near fall. Knight gets tossed out to the floor and Lumis gives chance, but he gets tripped and goes face first into the plexiglass barrier. Knight spears Lumis’ lower back into the ring apron. Lumis crawls away trying to cover, Knight gives chase, Lumis lands an uppercut. He looks up at the plexiglass and Indi Hartwell is behind it. She leans over the barricade like they’re going to smooch and Knight clubs him from behind. Knight berates her for hitting on Lumis and it’s Lumis’ turn to take advantage of the distraction. Lumis tries to step back through the ropes but he’s too busy staring back at Hartwell, so Knight yanks him back into the ring. Awkward looking spot as Lumis landed on Knight in the process, like it was supposed to be a DDT but both men mistimed it. Nevertheless Knight covers Lumis for three. Hartwell tries to smooch Lumis afterward but The Way come and drag her to the back.

The winner of this contest: LA Knight

Leon Ruff says he enjoyed beating up Isaiah Scott last week. “The ball is in your court Swerve. It’s your move!” Beth Phoenix is interviewing Io Shirai NEXT.

Beth Phoenix and Io Shirai

Shirai: “Yeah thanks for having me, thank you.” Phoenix: “A spectacular moment to begin what was an incredible title reign.” Shirai: “That night (at In Your House) was the biggest night of my life. Definitely.” Phoenix then shows what happened to her at Stand & Deliver. Shirai: “Oooh that hurt! After that I have no energy.” Her 300+ day reign came to an end. Shirai: “Raquel was my biggest and toughest challenge, but when the time is right, I will get my rematch.” Phoenix: “What’s next for Io Shirai?” Shirai: “Rest. I defended my title for over 300 days. My body needs time. I can comeback, overcome the challenge, and...” Franky Monet’s dog interrupts. “I’m Franky. Franky Monet. Congratulations on an amazing and iconic title reign. Beth, I’m such a fan! I’ve been watching you since I was a kid.” Phoenix winces at that line. Shirai gets upset that Monet says she wants to take her place and curses her out in Japanese. Phoenix says she doesn’t understand. Shirai: “I LIKE CATS.”

Breezango vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Breezango comes out wearing Queen’s guard outfits, pretending to march back and forth the way they do. Zack Gibson: “What on earth is this? Are you having a laugh? Typical ignorant yanks. Fun and games will get you nowhere in this job. Take your daft cosplay and jog on! We are GRIZZLED Young Veterans, and MSK I hope you’re watching and taking notes, because we are sssssSOON, very soon to be recognized as the NXT tag team champions.” Breezango jump them when they get in the ring and Tyler Breeze is in control of Gibson when the match gets underway. Fandango gets the tag and a near fall. Fandango lights up Gibson with chops. Drake winces as his partner and Fandango collide with him in the heel corner, but it enables Gibson to take control in the match. Drake tags in but the double team backfires. Breeze drapes him over the ropes and Breezango hit stereo kicks. Breeze pulls down the ropes and Fandango dives over to wipe GYV out. Commercial!

Annnnd we’re back with Drake leaping over Fandango and landing awkwardly as he does, selling his left knee as the ref stops the match to check on him. Gibson comes over and the ref makes him back off. Gibson pokes Fandango in the eye and Drake pops up completely injury free as the NeXTras boo. Dropkick from Drake and Gibson covers Fandango twice for two. Gibson with a crossface as Fandango winces in pain. Fandango with reverse elbows and a short arm clothesline once he gets free, leaving both men down. Drake gets the tag first and grabs Fandango’s leg, but he leaps across the ring to tag Breeze in, who quickly cleans house on both of GYV. The action spills out of the ring and he continues the assault. Drake gets shot back into the ring and Breeze hits the side Russian leg sweep for two. Drake makes a blind tag and the Ticket to Mayhem connects for the pin.

The winners of this contest: Grizzled Young Veterans

Indi Hartwell tries to talk to McKenzie Mitchell afterward but The Way show up to shut down the interview. Bronson Reed steps up to stop them from interfering. Austin Theory says the only way Reed is getting a shot at “Poppa John” is if he wins a match between the two, and Reed says “That’s fine with me mate.” Gargano pokes him in the ribs and he winces (Reed squished him last week) and berates him for having William Regal make the match. They get the interview shut down ANYWAY after Reed leaves.

Cameron Grimes vows to put Kyle O’Reilly back in the hospital, but first he wants to show off the NFT he just bought. Unfortunately he was outbid for it by Ted DiBiase. “TED DIBIASE!” He screams in frustration and leaves.

Sarray vs. Zoey Stark

Stark made her entrance before the commercial break and Sarray after. Phoenix: “Sarray is the real deal.” She names everyone from Aja Kong to Meiko Satomura as respecting Sarray. The wrestlers shake hands and lock up. Stark overpowers her, pins her wrists to the mat, and jumps on top of her. Sarray flips her off and goes for a near fall of her own. Stark with a leg sweep for a near fall. Sarray takes her right down too, runs on her back, and uses the ropes to assist her in a double stomp. Sarray ties up the legs and encourages the NeXTras to clap for her, then bridges her way to a submission until Stark gets a rope break. Sarray and Stark head to the opposite corner, then to the center of the ring for a diving clothesline and a near fall for Stark. Snap suplex by Stark for another near fall.

Stark works over Sarray with elbows from behind for a near fall. She pulls Sarray up by the hair and posts her into the turnbuckle, kicking her in the chest as she slumps to the ground. She pulls Sarray up again, Sarray tries a chop to the throat, but Stark takes control again and stretches her out from behind. Sarray fights to her feet and runs Stark backward into the turnbuckle to shake her loose, then dropkicks Stark off the apron. Sarray crawls to her feet as Stark gets back in and hits more strikes to the neck. Stark knocks her down with a forearm. Sarray fires repeated shots and Stark briefly drops until she hits a knee to the body. Sarray hits a dropkick right back, and a shot through the ropes, then a Fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Sarray gets kicked in the head and suplexed, Stark with a diving knee, but Sarray kicks out!! Stark goes out to the top rope, crashes on the 450, and Sarray rolls her up for a near fall. Kick to the head. Near fall. One more time for Stark, one more near fall! Stark pulls Sarray to her feet, Sarray fights out with elbows, Stark grabs her by the trunks, Sarray with a spinning heel kick. Sarray with a suplex, she hooks the leg, she gets the pin!

The winner of this contest: Sarray “The Warrior of the Sun”

Toni Storm comes out to stomp a mud hole in Zoey Stark while Sarray is in the ring celebrating her debut win! Sarray comes out to make the save as the NeXTras boo. We go to Raquel and Dakota. “Io was a great champion, but I’ll be damned if I haven’t been kicking ass to kick everybody else’s to prove I’ll be an even better campeona.” Kai: “We beat Io so bad she had to take a little vacation. I hope she enjoys that. Mercedes Martinez - she wants a title match and I want to study wizardry at Hogwarts. We don’t all get what we want.” González: “Go ahead and line them up one by one and I’ll take them all down.” Commercial!

Candice LeRae tries to drag Indi Hartwell to challenge Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart, but Hartwell abandons her to go looking for Dexter Lumis, and she promptly gets jumped by the women’s tag team champions for a two on one beatdown in their private locker room. Video package of KUSHIDA defeating Santos Escobar follows.

KUSHIDA’s open challenge

Alicia Taylor introduces and welcomes the NEW Cruiserweight Title champion to the ring. Appropriately he comes out with the belt around his waist. KUSHIDA climbs the turnbuckle and strikes a few poses for the NeXTras. He’s got a mic in his hand. “Last week, I won the title in an open challenge, you know? Tonight I will give same opportunity.” He takes the belt off and holds it up with his left hand. “Who wants title shot?”

Oney Lorcan’s music hits! The referee holds up the belt to single that it’s official and calls for the bell. The two men size each other up. Lorcan pushes KUSHIDA into the corner and breaks clean. KUSHIDA gets a single leg takedown and it’s a 50/50 for a moment until Lorcan gets a reversal, an arm drag, and a head scissor. KUSHIDA spins free and puts a knee in Lorcan’s back, flips him over surfboard style, and the two go back and forth with grappling on the mat. Lorcan fish hooks KUSHIDA and gets a kick to the ribs and a fish hook of his own for the trouble. Lorcan takes KUSHIDA to a knee with a headlock. KUSHIDA pushes him off the ropes, Lorcan leapfrogs, but KUSHIDA goes for a cross arm breaker and Lorcan gets a rope break. Forearm to KUSHIDA. Kick to the head knocks Lorcan to the floor right before (you guessed it) a commercial break!

European Uppercut for Lorcan and a near fall after the break. Body shot for a near fall. KUSHIDA groans in pain as Lorcan pulls him to his feet, and Lorcan responds with an abdominal stretch to make it worse. KUSHIDA chops his way free. Lorcan charges him in the corner with a shot to the ribs. KUSHIDA charges right back with a palm strike. He goes for a rapid series of strikes in the corner and blocks a charge in the opposite corner with an elbow. Top rope kick to the elbow. Hoverboard Lock blocked. Uppercut from Lorcan. Blockbuster! Near fall. Lorcan chops KUSHIDA five times, turning his chest bright red, but KUSHIDA responds with a hip toss, drop kick, palm strike, kick to the elbow and the Hoverboard Lock!. KUSHIDA cranks and Lorcan taps. He retains the gold!

Your winner and STILL the NXT Cruiserweight Champion: KUSHIDA

Legado del Fantasma jump KUSHIDA as Santos Escobar appears at the top of the ramp. They work him over in front of the announce desk as Escobar eggs Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza on. MSK come out to even the odds. KUSHIDA sends Escobar to the apron and MSK knock him to the floor. Looks like we’ve got a three on three match for next week! Afterward Mercedes Martinez tells Raquel González that she’s nothing but a lap dog for Dakota Kai. She vows to take Kai out of the equation so she can get her shot. Commercial!

Gargano is arguing with Theory when we come back. A disheveled LeRae sits down next to them. Hartwell interrupts before she can explain what happened to her. Hartwell says that Gargano and Theory are getting a tag team title shot thanks to Mr. Regal, so they all celebrate and leave poor LeRae all by herself.

Ever-Rise vs. Imperium

Alexander Wolfe accompanies Fabian Aichner and Marcel Bartel to the ring, although the latter two are the ones competing with Ever-Rise. Competing? Ha. More like SQUASHING. Fabian Aichner’s fall away slam is impressive. Killian Dain comes out from the back to get in Alexander Wolfe’s face. The distraction leads to a near fall for Ever-Rise. Drake Maverick tries to come out to join in and Dain carries him to the back. Barthel is legal, and Aichner hoists Scott Parker up as Barthel comes off the ropes with an uppercut. The squash is over.

Your winners (as you would expect): Imperium

Karrion Kross and Scarlett stare a hole through Kyle O’Reilly as he makes his way backstage to the ring for our night’s main event match. That match begins after this break!

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Cameron Grimes

O’Reilly plays mind games with Grimes after the bell until they finally lock up, which sees O’Reilly immediately start working over the left arm. Grimes gets a single leg takedown and O’Reilly kicks him away to go right back to the arm. Grimes screams in pain. O’Reilly transitions to a headlock but Grimes escapes and goes for his own arm wringer. O’Reilly reverses and hits a snapmare. All of this stalling is necessary as we have 12 minutes and at least one commercial break left before the end of the show. Grimes gets a quick near fall. He yells kiss my grits as O’Reilly gets back to his feet. O’Reilly immediately goes back to the left arm as the referee signals that Grimes is not giving up. Grimes punches his way free and slaps O’Reilly. O’Reilly with a knee to the jaw and a slap to the face. Left arm again with a takedown for emphasis. Forearm from Grimes and a chop. O’Reilly reverses a whip, Grimes goes for a sunset flip, and O’Reilly goes for the cross arm breaker. Grimes gets to the ropes to force a break. O’Reilly drags Grimes to the ring but Grimes flips over him and hits a German suplex. O’Reilly rolls out selling his neck for our commercial interruption.

Grimes is cranking on O’Reilly’s neck mid-ring when we return. O’Reilly throws right hands to the gut trying to break free but Grimes knocks him back down and gets a near fall. The NeXTras chant “this is awesome” and I’m skeptical. It’s alright. “Awesome” is a stretch. That’s also Grimes’ next move — stretching the neck with a chinlock from behind. O’Reilly once again fights out with shots to the gut and Grimes knocks him back down. O’Reilly finally knocks Grimes down with a knee to the gut, then follows with knees, kicks, and a leg sweep.

Wade Barrett: “What have you got Kyle?” This is what he’s got — a suplex into a heel hook, but Grimes got the rope break. O’Reilly kicks the leg out of Grimes’ leg. Grimes gets up and delivers a forearm, but gets locked in another armbar. O’Reilly releases the hold and knees Grimes in the head, but Grimes somehow recovers and slams O’Reilly for a near fall. That’s not quite believable folks. The knee to the head should’ve been the end. Grimes tries to get a German suplex but O’Reilly counters into a heel hook. Grimes tries to cradle him for a near fall. O’Reilly kicks him in the gut. Grimes hits a forearm. Grimes kicks him in the head. Grimes counters a slingshot into a near fall. Both men go for a kick but O’Reilly connects. Superkick to the jaw but O’Reilly with a slingshot clothesline. Forearm to the head. Brainbuster! O’Reilly goes outside to the top rope. Flying knee to the back of the head. 1, 2, 3!! That was a fine way to finish NXT on a Tuesday night. See you next week!

The winner of this contest: Kyle O’Reilly

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