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Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Cormier? Ahh, yessir

Earlier this week, WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns was interviewed by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

They discussed a number of things - including how the Head of the Table didn’t tap out to Daniel Bryan at Fastlane, but was in fact using Morse Code to tell his special counsel Paul Heyman to get the jet ready so they could leave right after the main event.

When Helwani asked about his upcoming Triple Threat title defense against Edge & Bryan at WrestleMania 37, Reigns explained why he doesn’t like it. It’s the obvious reason (he can lose the strap without factoring in the decision). Because he’s the Head of the Table, however, part of his explanation included how he can beat anyone in a traditional singles match... including Ariel’s broadcast & podcast partner, UFC legend Daniel Cormier:

“I’ll smash anybody one-on-one, whether it’s Daniel Bryan one-on-one, Edge one-on-one, D.C. [Cormier] - I’ll smash ‘em all one-on-one, it don’t matter to me... get him from behind the table and back in the gym, maybe he’d have a chance.”

D.C., a lifelong pro wrestling fan who’s expressed an interest in working with WWE, responded...

Kind of, anyway. He tagged the wrong account. That let Heyman mock him a bit, and opened him up for another dagger from the Tribal Chief.

Don’t want to look past what could be a classic at ‘Mania next Sunday (April 11), but Reigns/Cormier?

Awww, yessir.

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