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One more great Brodie Lee story

Big E’s Twitter

Late last year, the world lost Jon “Brodie Lee” Huber. It was a shocking, devastating blow to the wrestling world. But while we’d of course rather still have him “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”-ing in the ring, and “You know what that means”-ing on Twitter, his friends & colleagues at AEW and WWE did everything they could to honor his life & career - and to take care of the family he left behind.

We’re a couple months past the steady flow of tributes and remembrances, but this week one of Huber’s best friends updated us on something he and a couple of his brothers did for Jon’s memory.

You might recall that The New Day’s Royal Rumble ring gear was designed specifically to honor Brodie Lee/Luke Harper, and that they were auctioning it off to raise money for one of their friend’s favorite causes - the food bank in his hometown of Rochester, New York.

The effort was a big success. Tell ‘em, Big E.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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