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T-BAR and MACE unmasked!

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Coming into this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, much of the focus was on why T-BAR and MACE attacked Drew McIntyre at the end of last week’s show. Are they with The Hurt Business? Hired guns, perhaps? Just some pissed off dudes with an axe to grind?

Well, MVP claimed they aren’t affiliated with his crew but he’s still acting like it. Meanwhile, McIntyre just wanted to get them in the ring, even if it meant a 2-on-1 handicap match. He got his way, too, but Braun Strowman — whose advertised match with Randy Orton was changed at the last minute and not spoken of — showed up to help and it turned into a straight up tag match.

During said tag match, the former RETRIBUTION members ended up unmasked. And by “ended up” I mean they both got slapped in the face with their masks:

We’re inching ever closer to these two being actually interesting characters simply because they’re leaving the RETRIBUTION nonsense behind. Let’s hope they get new names soon too!

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