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Pat McAfee thinks he ‘stunk’ in SmackDown debut

WWE on Fox’s Twitter

New SmackDown color commentator Pat McAfee has his own three hour sports talk show every weekday, so you knew we’d get some behind-the-scenes stories from his new gig.

Those started today (April 19) with his own critique of his debut last Friday. McAfee wasn’t generous with the grade he gave himself, but he still believes in himself. He also gave us some insight into how he was - or wasn’t - prepared:

“There was no real sit down, ‘Hey, expect this’ - I had no idea what was gonna happen all night. No clue. I do believe that is the plan going forward, to just keep me completely out of the loop, and if so I had an absolute blast. I do not think I was anywhere near where I can get to as a commentator for professional wrestling. I used a lot of the words a couple times over and over. I was scared to have too much bass in my voice because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to dominate the call or anything like that, but sometimes I sounded a little bit too soft... I had a blast. I think I stunk, but I have a chance to get better. I enjoyed it, I’m very thankful to all the people at the WWE, and to anybody that happened to tune in.”

He’s confident he’ll get better, because he’s looking to learn from Vince McMahon and others at WWE. McAfee revealed he didn’t get to use the thank you he’d practiced for when he saw McMahon, because “the big guy” wasn’t there. But Pat’s looking forward to getting advice from Vince, and pushed back on his reputation of not being coachable, and speculation that’s why WWE doesn’t want to overproduce him. In fact, Pat is looking forward to getting feedback from McMahon - and others backstage at SmackDown.

“Vince wasn’t there. I know, this is a big deal, a lot of people... all anybody was saying was, ‘I can’t wait to hear what he becomes when Vince is in his ear’ or whatever... A lot of people assume that because Michael Cole got mad at me for wearing shorts, my shorts tuxedo, that I don’t like coaching. No, what I got mad about is I was sitting there for six hours dressed like that and he was punking me out in front of Dave Bautista and Vince McMahon, and I’m like ‘Yo, yo, yo. There is ways to go about this. The way you’re doing isn’t how I like it. I actually enjoy being coached up... I need to know why, and it has to come from somebody that I would be seeking advice from, that is a pretty big thing.

“Vince McMahon is somebody, who if he was to say something to me, no matter how he says it. This is a self-made billionaire that turned something from a local situation to a worldwide phenomenon. So a lot of people on the internet are like, ‘Oh, he’s not gonna be able to handle Vince McMahon the way Vince McMahon talks to him. It’s like - if you talked to me the way Vince McMahon talked to me, I’d slap you in the mouth @bonergarage124, okay? But it’s fucking Vince McMahon. And also there’s a lot of people at the WWE, especially people I met on Friday that maybe I hadn’t met before - if they have advice or something to tell me or something to ‘Hey think about this’, they created that business. So I’m gonna listen to these people.”

The concern fans have about “Vince being in Pat’s ear” has less to do with McMahon offering advice, and more to do with the Chairman feeding him lines. But hey, if VKM isn’t there every week, maybe that won’t be a problem.

We’ll see. However it goes, you know it’ll be discussed on The Pat McAfee Show.

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