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A reminder of just how ridiculous the Firefly Fun House has been

Thanks to this illuminating WWE Top 10 video:

10. That time Wyatt played limbo and did his spider crawl under the bar with puppets holding the bar up

9. That time Wyatt murdered the Ramblin’ Rabbit by smashing his head in

8. That time Wyatt “resurrected a ghost,” which was really just getting back into his old character to frighten Braun Strowman

7. That time Randy Orton destroyed the Funhouse by throwing dolls at other dolls and ripping one dolls head off

6. That time Ramblin’ Rabbit was cast as Seth Rollins and eaten alive while the real Rollins watched in the ring

5. That time Wyatt did the Muscle Man Dance

4. That time Seth Rollins found the Firefly Fun House and burned it down

3. That time Alexa Bliss showed up and poisoned Ramblin’ Rabbit

2. The debut of The Fiend

1. That time it was turned into a “match” at WrestleMania and John Cena joined the nWo

Even more ridiculous than I remembered.

The good (?) news is there are no signs of WWE going away from this anytime soon, so prepare for even more ridiculous moments.

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