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Mojo Rawley comments on WWE release, teases future plans

This year’s post-WrestleMania round of releases from WWE has felt particularly brutal, considering the level of talent who were let go by the top pro wrestling company in the industry. Plus, many seemed genuinely gutted by the situation. Their impact was obvious by the public response to the news they were let go, and many of them likely won’t be free agents for long.

There is a 90-day no-compete clause at play, however, so we’ll have to wait (and there are already promotions using that to promote future events).

Speaking of that, Mojo Rawley makes it sound like we may know what’s next for him before 90 days are up:

That could very well indicate he’ll be doing something outside of pro wrestling. He’s just 34-years-old, however, and there was clear potential there. One would think he could revitalize his career in another promotion, and there will almost certainly be a couple who will take the chance on him.

Stay tuned.

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