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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Apr. 16, 2021): Bright future

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The future of SmackDown is bright.

We have some new champions, we have a new commentary team, and things are looking up.

While all of this is good, SmackDown, and WWE as a whole, still feel stagnant. Raw was Raw - generally bad, complete nonsense with most of the feuds, and lazy. Usual stuff.

SmackDown felt better, even though it was still repetitive. Pat McAfee is now on commentary. I didn’t really like him, nor did I care about his stint in NXT, but man did I enjoy him here. He feels natural and to be honest, quite refreshing. He has an energy about him that feels good. I’m happy with this.

Even though this show was good, some of these decisions made were puzzling. Two feuds continuing feel good, and I talk about them in a bit. I think once WrestleMania Backlash passes us, it’ll get better.

Let’s get to the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Rev. Claire Elizabeth!

We wear gold in this house

The Street Profits came out for Bianca Belair’s championship celebration.

They said that they will clean up the tag team division later and send the Dirty Dawgz back to 1986.

After a video package of Bianca winning the title, Ford introduced her and she looked stunning.

Belair said she feels blessed, and despite setbacks and struggles, she never stopped believing it was possible. A year ago, she never would have imagined someone saying she’d win the women’s title in the main event of WrestleMania. But then she said she probably would have said it would happen.

You should never apologize to anyone if you truly are the bEST.

She thanked Sasha Banks for her part in the historic main event and said she left something for Sasha to remember her. (That would be the gnarly whiplash across the stomach.) Belair then said this was about all the little girls watching and saw themselves when they looked at her.

Sasha Banks was interviewed right after, and couldn’t even get words out as she looked down at that mark Belair was referring to. This was perfect.

Then Bayley was interviewed and said that Bianca was crying before her match because she thought she couldn’t win, and now she’s being arrogant. We don’t want that in a champion, so she’s going to fix it and challenge her for the SmackDown women’s championship. This was also perfect.

All of these promos were excellent. Bianca was presented as a true star, and finally having Montez and Bianca together after all this time was great. “We only wear gold in this house” was what she said to Montez before his match. I love her.

It would have been even better if Sasha and Bianca were able to be like this since Bianca’s win at the Royal Rumble but let’s not think about the past. It’s not about all that. It’s about the future.

Bianca will only get better and crate even more history as the champion. It’s looking great for the EST right now.

The old and the new

Roman Reigns asked Paul Heyman to talk about the men he beat at WrestleMania.

Heyman putt both Edge and Daniel Bryan over, and said Reigns did exactloy what he said that he was going to do - smash em’ stack em’ and pin em’. Reigns said he’ll probably never be put in a triple threat again after he eradicated two Hall of Famers. Who would want to be humiliated like that?

Cesaro’s music played, and he walked down to the ring and got in Reigns’ face. Cesaro went to get a microphone and the Reigns clan left the ring.

Heyman was interviewed later about Cesaro’s challenge. He said what happened Sunday wasn’t a rain delay, it was tears from angels as they thought of the beating Reigns was going to hand Bryan and Edge. Seth Rollins had to lower himself to face a “knuckle dragging, slack jawed, buck tooth, Swiss quibbling Cesaro.” My god.

He called Cesaro a joke, and he would put an end to the joke by giving Cesaro what he wants - Cesaro one on one against... Jey Uso.

WWE really wanted us to know that Cesaro is special, didn’t they? I don’t think they realize that we been knowing that. All they were doing on this show was proving it to themselves.

In the main event, Uso did his best to hurt the “neanderthal’s” arms so he wouldn’t be able to hit his moves. He kept draping Cesaro’s arm over the ropes and pulling for maximum tear. But Cesaro did a vertical suplex and that clearly meant Cesaro is better than your silly games, Jey.

Cesaro did the corkscrew uppercut for a near fall. Uso fought out of the swing and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. He slapped Cesaro in the face and that was what sealed his fate. Cesaro gave him a clothesline and then swung Uso around and Rollins interfered to cause a disqualification.

Well... okay then. I was really getting into the Cesaro/Reigns stuff, and then oh hey Seth we’re going back to that, huh?

Post WrestleMania shows should not make me say “Oh, running this again?” But when the next pay-per-view is literally called “WrestleMania Backlash” it pretty much says that most of this will be ran back.

And how about no Edge or Daniel Bryan on this show? If anyone was going to come out at the end, I thought it would be one of them! Where were they? Like I said in my opening remarks, I enjoyed this show, but these decisions were puzzling.

That plus the continuation of everything (except one that I talk about below) made the overall feeling of SmackDown just okay, not great.

Fight forever

Sami Zayn said that WrestleMania was supposed to be his crowning achievement.

Logan Paul was supposed to be how the documentary got out to the world, but Paul’s mind was poisoned by Owens and the WWE Universe.

Zayn pointed to Michael Cole as another poison, as the corporate mouthpiece, and McAfee just agreed and and started pointing at Cole. Hahahahaha.

He said that he got distracted in the match by Paul because he was thinking about his thoughts, and that’s how Kevin Owens won. Tonight, there’s no Logan Paul or toxic fans, so his mind is clear. Owens came out for the WrestleMania rematch.

Owens was sent to the corner and exploded out of it with a running senton. Owens gave Zayn a very loud chop, and then a clothesline. Zayn went to the top rope and did a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. McAfee asked what that was, and then said that was the coolest move he’d ever seen. I mean he was literally put in a CANADIAN DESTROYER in his match with Adam Cole, but sure buddy.

Zayn tried to escape but Owens brought him back in. He went for the pop up powerbomb and Zayn avoided it. Zayn avoided a stunner, and then poked Owens eye and retreated, and Owens won via count out.

Owens ran up the ramp and threw Zayn back into ring and did the stunner.

Sami and Kevin are #FightForever territory for me, so WrestleMania Backlash sounds like another excellent blow off, minus Logan Paul.

I need help with this


So when Apollo Crews officially turned heel, it felt awesome.

Crews was getting a really great presentation, even when he started with the Nigerian accent. The accent was new, but I was getting into it.

WrestleMania came along, and the Nigerian drum fight was really just a street fight with drums and gongs.

And then, Crews got help from Babatunde Dabba Kato... Commander Azeez. On this show, Crews introduced him and said that he put Big E down with the Nigerian Nail.

My problem - I know who this guy is. So introducing him as a new person when he was literally on Raw a few months ago, not as a Nigerian Commander, but as a Raw Underground regular.

This promo felt off. Help me out, Cagesiders. Am I the only one?

The rEST

The Dirty Dawgz defeated The Street Profits

Ziggler had a great drop kick to start, and then Ford tagged in and did his own drop kick and went for a quick pin. Roode tagged in and Ford ducked him and the Dawgz collided. Roode was tackled and given a corkscrew elbow by Dawkins, but he turned around and did a nice spinebuster. Roode tagged Ziggler and Dawkins sent him into the corner. Ford and Roode tagged and Ford hit a wicked clothesline on Ziggler. A kip up and standing moonsault by Ford almost got the victory. Dawkins tagged in as Ford flew over him to take out the champs. But Ziggler tagged in when Ford wasn’t looking and did the Zig Zag for the win.

Well, I was a bit disappointed with this. Ziggler and Roode have been doing well, but it felt like the interaction with Bianca from before was to set up a Street Profits win here. However, it does make me think that the Dawgz will be set up for a feud with The Mysterios and that will be the next babyface tag team to take them out. Yes, I’m still on The Mysterios as tag champs and you can’t talk me out of it!

Rey Mysterio defeated Otis

Otis started by bulldozing over Rey and dumping him over his head. He slid Rey out of the ring and I almost thought Rey was going to spike his head on the floor. Rey did a senton and bounced off the ropes right into Otis’ arms. McAfee called the 619 and Rey went to the top rope and pinned Otis in a quick but fun bout. This was Pat McAfee’s first match on commentary and he was very good. Otis and Rey had some good chemistry, as do Dominik and Gable. This should be a fun feud.

Natalya defeated Shayna Baszler

This has to stop.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?