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Two particularly touching reactions to Peyton & Billie’s release

Kairi Sane’s Twitter

There’s been an outpouring of support for all the wrestlers released by WWE yesterday (April 15). Reactions from fans and pros tend to be a mix of sadness, shock, anger, and gratitude - with a heaping helping of “please sign with [fill in company name here, but mostly AEW].

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay got all of those - with a whole of surprise & anger about the release of Kay in particular as she was excelling in her new comedic supporting role on SmackDown. But those two young women also got a lot of love from all over the wrestling.

Two in particular seem worth showcasing.

These are wonderfully moving messages to the IIconic Duo, but there were a lot of those. Being well thought of respected by your peers in general is good. Bayley and Kairi Sane are both wrestlers that other wrestlers look up too. Having “locker room leader” on two continents sing your praises types is another good sign for Billie & Peyton’s long-term futures in the business.

WWE fans will miss them, and this sucks. But they’re talented women who love wrestling, seem to be good people, and know how to make others smile. They’re gonna be alright.

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