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Pat McAfee knows what he’ll say to Vince McMahon tonight, won’t say if he’ll wear shorts

Pat McAfee’s climb up the WWE ladder will take him to a new milestone tonight (April 17), when he debuts alongside Michael Cole as SmackDown’s new color commentator.

An NFL All-Pro and host of his own radio/streaming sports talk show, McAfee’s new role has to have the folks at FOX excited. It has a lot of wrestling fans excited, as Pat’s long talked about his lifelong love of pro wrestling, and delivered on all aspects of the job during his feud with Adam Cole in NXT last year.

It almost didn’t happen, though. When WWE had McAfee on their WrestleMania 35 Kickoff show, he showed up in a tuxedo top... and his signature shorts (actually, like John Cena, Pat’s a jorts man, but he wore nicer shorts for the Showcase of the Immortals). Either because Vince McMahon didn’t like his wardrobe choice, or because Michael Cole was afraid Vince wouldn’t like his wardrobe choice, the Voice of WWE reamed McAfee out in Gorilla in front of the McMahon family and the rest of the company brass. Pat almost quit on the spot, but cooler heads prevailed all around, and the rest is history.

You can read and listen to McAfee’s account of the tale here.

Fast forward to today, and Michael Cole was Pat’s guest on his show earlier today. Ahead of their first show together, Cole just had one question for his new partner...

That clip is great, and also features Cole assuring Pat he’ll introduce him to “the big guy”. McAfee reveals that in addition to spending 20 minutes considering his costume for SmackDown, he’s also worked out what he’ll say to Vince during their handshake.

Another thing about Cole’s appearance on today’s Pat McAfee Show is that it proves these guys have good chemistry. Fans understandably have concerns about what might happen when McMahon or one of his chief lieutenants start telling McAfee exactly what to say. But hopefully, he’ll have a little more latitude than an ex-wrestler or newly hired anchor would.

Look, it’s not like both guys don’t know how this ends...

Join us in our live blog tonight, and we’ll find out how it starts!

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