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SEC filing details just how much money WWE executives made in 2020

Earlier this week, in accordance with regulations from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, WWE released a statement that contained specific compensation information regarding executives on the Board of Directors.

To the surprise of nobody, it turns out that the McMahon family, Triple H, Nick Khan (President and Chief Revenue Officer), and Kristina Salen (Chief Financial Officer) are filthy rich. Here is the chart detailing how much money they made in 2020:

WWE President Nick Khan cleaned up, approaching 13 million in 2020 earnings. That amount is thanks to roughly 7 million dollars in stock awards and a 5 million dollar signing bonus (accounted for in the ‘All Other Compensation’ column). Khan began working for WWE in August 2020. His base salary for 2020 (approximately $500,000) shows that he’ll make more than one million dollars in base salary over the course of a full year. Given that he helped negotiate WWE’s recent deal with Peacock, he’s already proven his worth to the company.

Vince McMahon’s base salary of 1.4 million dollars is larger than everyone else. The filing includes this note about the ratio of pay between the CEO and the median employee salary in the company:

“For 2020, the ratio of the annual total compensation of our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to the annual total compensation of our median employee was 38 to 1 (our ‘CEO Pay Ratio’)”

To reflect this 38:1 CEO pay ratio, Vince’s 2020 earnings of $3,905,792 is about 38 times the median employee salary, which is listed as $102,577.

There is also this note about the McMahon family’s use of the company jet:

“The agreement allows Mr. McMahon and members of his immediate family to use the Company’s aircraft for personal travel when it is not being used for business purposes. Personal use of the jet is paid for by Mr. McMahon so that no incremental cost is incurred by the Company.”

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon each finished 2020 with between 2 to 3 million dollars in total earnings.

The filing also includes this interesting tidbit about Shane McMahon. Keep in mind that Shane wrestled in zero matches in 2020.

“In 2020, Shane McMahon was retained as a performer for the Company for which he received minimum guaranteed performance fees and royalties aggregating approximately $820,369.”

If only Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, and everyone else who WWE released earlier today was as valued at their jobs as much as Shane was at making strange noises during those Raw Underground segments.

For those of you who have scoured through the entire filing, which details stand out the most to you?

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