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Taya Valkyrie responds to fans who don’t like her new WWE name

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She also explains exactly why she chose ‘Frankie Monet’, and clarifies no one tried to name her ‘Sunshine Tuna’.

After a couple weeks of teases featuring her pampered Pomeranian, Franky Monet made her WWE debut on NXT last night (April 13). She immediately stepped to new Women’s champion Raquel González, and figures to be in the mix for a title shot along with folks like newcomer Zoey Stark and veteran Mercedes Martinez.

Fans who knew her as Taya Valkyrie from her work in Mexico, and during her runs on Impact & Lucha Underground were probably happy with the booking. A lot of them apparently weren’t happy with the name “Franky Monet”, though.

Taya jumped on Twitter today to talk to them:

Why Franky Monet?

While I’m surprised she didn’t keep her name like some established acts have (Martinez, for example), I don’t hate Taya’s WWE trademarked handle. And she kept her “La Wera Loca” nickname, so there’s continuity.

I would have liked to see how she’d make Sunshine Tuna work, though. Maybe she can change to that when she gets called up to work with hubby John Morrison on Raw.