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CM Punk thinks Triple H is probably the biggest match for him in WWE

He’s not interested in it, though.

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Last week, some brief comments by Triple H about CM Punk grabbed the wrestle web’s attention for a few minutes.

It doesn’t take much when those two names are involved, since Punk’s shoot interview after his WWE exit made it clear their were some legitimate issues between the Chicagoan and the man he called Vince McMahon’s “doofus son-in-law” in his famous pipe bomb promo.

Now Punk is the one on the press circuit, promoting his new film Jakob’s Wife. And even though that’s a Phil Brooks’ gig, wrestling talk is always going to come up with the Straight Edge One. While Punk was talking to Uproxx, he first fielded the “what would it take to get you back in the squared circle” question:

“I think the right combination could maybe be figured out, but it’s also not for me to figure out. It’s not my world anymore. I’m certainly not Hulk Hogan, where I’m going to show up somewhere and like, ‘no, this is how it’s going to be.’ The wrestling world doesn’t necessarily need CM Punk and that’s absolutely fine. Everyone seems to be doing great.”

As he continued and told interviewer Raj Prashad, “it’s just gotta be the right time, right place, right situation,” Punk talked through a few possibilities. That’s when he brought up The Game:

“From a creative mind standpoint, stepping back and looking at the landscape of everything, there are people in WWE that I have wrestled before that maybe, in a certain situation could be interesting. There’s also the business side of things. What’s the biggest possible match for CM Punk? I think there’s Kenny Omega on the one side. And, you know, unfortunately, ironically enough, for me to go back to WWE, who’s the biggest match for me? It’s probably Triple H. That’s ironic because it’s nothing I’m interested in. It’s just what it is. Am I going to be a businessman and say that’s the match, that’s the big-money match? Well, it’s not my money, so it’s not for me to say.”

If you’re still playing the “CM Punk return imminent!” game, this could be read as a sign both the money and the creative wouldn’t have to be right. He seems to be saying he’d do something he’s not interested in - like work a program with Hunter - if there were enough zeroes before the decimal point on the check. It’s not a new position, but if you’re looking for a reason to fantasy book his return to WWE, that might be it.

But that’s just my interpretation. I could be wrong. An interpretation I’m more confident in?

I don’t think Punk and Haitch like each other very much.

Jakob’s Wife will be in select theaters, on demand and is available digitally on April 16. Check out Punk’s entire conversation with Uproxx here, and keep your eyes on Cageside Seats... we might have had a chance to ask the Best in the World some questions ourselves.

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