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WrestleMania 37 was really, really great

WWE just wrapped up night two of WrestleMania 37 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, and while there is plenty to say about both nights, I’m left with a feeling something like euphoria.

That was really, really great.

I have my criticisms of the show, and there were plenty of issues across both nights, for sure, but right now, man, it just feels so damn good that WWE, despite the weather not fully cooperating, managed to pull this thing off in front of real live paying fans who wanted to be in the building. They made it feel special, even if part of that was simply because they helped us remember what the normal used to feel like.

I genuinely missed these moments made bigger by the setting. Bianca Belair being overwhelmed by the moment and nearly crying right there in the ring while making history; that thunderous cheer for Edge when his music hit to really drive home just how far he’s come; the people booing Hulk Hogan because people don’t forget; Bad Bunny hitting a damn Canadian Destroyer in the first match of his life; the wrestlers giving everything they have for those who never gave up on all this; hell, even Logan Paul taking that Stunner so well.

There was a lot of fun to be had, and we had it. So many amazing moments to be enjoyed, and we damn sure enjoyed them.

I just want to revel in that before we head back to the digital screens at the ThunderDome. That will be fine, and we aren’t going anywhere. But this, WrestleMania 37, all of it.

This was AWESOME.

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