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WrestleMania 37 night two results, recap, reactions: Acknowledge him

WrestleMania 37 has come and gone.

Night two was... interesting? We’ll go with interesting.

Sadly, not interesting in a good way, for the most part. Y’all this show largely sucked, with a few really good matches and moments. It just felt slow and the first two matches were the reason why for me.

It ended the way it should have - with a fire main event where you didn’t know who was going to win. It was perfect, and we’ll get into that in a moment.

Shout out to Bayley who had to get beat up by the Bellas to get onto WrestleMania. She was criminally mishandled after carrying the company for months.

And finally I want to shout out the people behind the scenes on Cageside Seats. This was an amazing week and it’s been an honor to work with y’all, especially during a grueling week like this. You all rock.

On to the show! Check out the live blog by the amazing Rev. Claire Elizabeth and show her some love.

Our Tribal Chief

Daniel Bryan and Edge couldn’t hold back how pumped they were to see people.

All three men started attacking each other, and immediately Jey Uso got involved by superkicking both Bryan and Edge. Uso and Reigns were going to get Edge through the table, but Bryan and Edge took them out. Edge hit Uso with a DDT on the steel steps.

Bryan and Edge got back in the ring and Edge rolled Bryan out of a hurricanrana for a two count. Bryan did the missile drop kick and tried to take out Reigns on the outside, but he caught him and took him out. Reigns went for a Superman Punch and Edge reversed into a DDT.

A spear attempt by Edge was reversed into a Superman Punch , and Edge leaped over Reigns’ spear and did a sunset flip for a two count. They then both speared each other. Bryan then did a diving head butt to both men and then Yes kicks to both men. Bryan did a running knee to Edge and kicked Reigns in the head for a two count.

Bryan went for the Yes Lock, and Edge once again broke the lock. Reigns pummeled Bryan after breaking up the Yes Lock on Edge. Just like WrestleMania 30, Bryan got powerbombed through the announce table. But Edge speared Reigns off the steel steps!

The coolest visual of both nights as Edge and Bryan both had submissions on Roman and head butt each other. That was incredible.

AND THEN EDGE SPEARED BRYAN AND EDGE AND BRYAN PULLED THE REFREE OUT OF THE RING! He grabbed a chair and unloaded on Bryan and Reigns. And then he did a con-chair-to to Bryan, and almost did it to Reigns but Uso came back. Reigns got a spear on Edge, and then grabbed a chair to return the favor.

Roman Reigns grabbed Edge’s life-less body and laid it on Bryan’s life-less body and pinned both men. Wow.

I didn’t know who was going to win this match. It could have gone either way, and each man had a hope spot before the finish. This was the main event desperately needed for this show.

A few weeks back I asked for a program post-WrestleMania with Daniel and Edge, and I feel like with this booking, that’s what we’re going to get. There’s 5 weeks to... WrestleMania Backlash... and that sounds like a fun 5 weeks between these two.

Without this match, WrestleMania night two gets graded under a B-. I need to make that point, even though it gives away my grade early, because as I said in the opener, this show largely sucked. Last night got an A because while the environment brought life to months of ThunderDome screens with silent fans, it was booked to near perfection.

And now we’re going back to silent fans in the ThunderDome. Sigh.

Champion with brutality

Rhea Ripley didn’t appreciate being drop kicked to start the match.

Asuka started getting over on her, and slammed Ripley’s face into the second turnbuckle. Ripley got caught on Asuka’s knee on the outside and crawled back in.

Ripley pushed Asuka’s face into the mat and slapped her around. But Asuka got her down and went for an ankle lock. Ripley was able to roll out and showed some real strength picking her up from that position.

Asuka did a missile drop kick to buy some time. Asuka did a German suplex and a hip attack for a two count.

Ripley sent Asuka face first into the apron, but it still didn’t slow Asuka’s momentum. So Asuka responded with a DDT form the apron to the floor! Even that couldn’t exactly stop Ripley as she was able to lift Asuka out of the arm bar and toss her into the turnbuckle.

More showing of strength as Ripley did a suplex from the apron to the mat for a near fall. Ripley taunted Asuka and Asuka fell for it. Ripley did the Rip tide for the win.

I didn’t see them putting the title on Rhea here. Because they were forced into this early, I expected Asuka to retain so that Charlotte would be back and they’d run that program. But now that I think about it, Charlotte coming back for this program with Rhea as champion makes more sense.

Charlotte and Rhea would be a really fun way to start post-WrestleMania Raw. As for Asuka, I think she could do well with some time off. Thank you for your hard work through the pandemic Raw and I’m sorry you were booked terribly since Summerslam last year. Asuka deserves some time off.

Apollo’s nation

Wale sang Big E to the ring, and E really knows how to get a crowd pumped up.

Both men dove out of the ring to grab kendo sticks and they just hit each other over and over. Crews got out of the ring and E pummeled him. Crews kicked the gong out of E’s hands and went back to the kendo stick.

E charged at Crews and speared him through the ropes. I always jump when I see that. Crews picked up E and nearly dropped him on his head on the apron. Crews draped E over the steels step and almost got the other steps dropped onto him, thankfully E got out of the way and he powerslammed Crews onto the steps.

E set up a table in the ring but Crews broke a kendo stick over his body and tried to do the frog splash onto E and missed and went through the table. While E was about to do the Big Ending, Dabba-Kato from Raw Underground fame interfered and took E out, and laid Crews on E’s lifeless body.

And that’s how all of that booking on SmackDown and Fastlane got us Crews as Intercontinental champion. Huh.

I was not a fan of this at all. The match was good, don’t get me wrong. But I fail to see how the Raw Underground guy just randomly thrown into this, and with a new name of Commador Azeez, is going to get Crews over. Sure it makes sense for Apollo as a heel to cheat, the common heel trope, but I don’t know. I didn’t get it.

No drums were used or hurt in the making of this match. A gong was, though. Maybe it should have been called a Nigerian gong fight?

Protecting Big E seems like a good choice. I don’t see how this was a good way to do it. The match itself was not a straight wrestling match where he was losing clean.

Help me out with this, Cagesiders.

Riddle me this

Riddle and Sheamus went right after each other.

Riddle did a sleeper hold and Sheamus backed him into a corner. Sheamus caught Riddle and slammed him on the mat without moving. Sheamus is so damn strong.

A flurry of elbows by Riddle sent them into another corner, and Riddle grabbed Sheamus’ arm and draped himself over the ropes. He paid for it because he put himself in harm’s way for Sheamus’ ten beats of the Bodhran. Riddle recovered with an overhead belly to belly from the top rope.

Riddle went for the Bro Derek and Sheamus reversed but couldn’t connect. Awesome spot where Riddle came off the ropes and Sheamus Brogue Kicked him, and Riddle kicked out! We don’t see that often.

Riddle dove off the middle rope to the floor and did a reverse arm bar. Sheamus just effortlessly picked him up and slammed him down, and Riddle went for another sleeper hold, broken by Sheamus getting to the ropes.

Sheamus tried a White Noise but wasn’t in position, so he safely brought Riddle down and did a regular White Noise for a two count. Sheamus Brogue Kicked Riddle in mid air as he was upside down and won!

I did not see Sheamus winning here. To be honest if I was a betting man, I’d have lost a lot of money on these shows. I haven’t really picked more than two or three accurate winners. And while some of those decisions were bad, I like that!

Riddle’s jaw might have gotten busted on that Brogue Kick so I hope he’s okay. He was bleeding pretty heavily. As for Sheamus, I would like to see a returning Keith Lee go after him and they could have an amazing title feud. I hope Keith Lee is able to return soon!

I would like to see Riddle in a tag team again. He was doing pretty well with Jeff Hardy when they were pairing up. Great performance by both men.

Conspiracy free

Sami Zayn introduced Logan Paul who sat ringside.

Owens came out fired up and the crowd was behind him. It was awesome.

Owens did the pop up powerbomb immediately and Zayn smartly got out of the ring. He tried to do the powerbomb onto the apron and Zayn grabbed the ropes. Zayn finally got into it and suplexed Owens on the apron.

Zayn got mad that the referee wasn’t counting fast enough, which is usually something to have gripes about, and Owens got back in at 8. Zayn did the Blue Thunder bomb for a two count. They traded punches on the turnbuckle and and Owens did the frog splash for a two count.

Zayn transitioned out of a suplex and did an exploder suplex. Owens tried to do the stunner and Zayn again countered with a Blue Thunder bomb.

Owens did the Fisherman’s suplex from the top rope and couldn’t make a cover. After a Helluva kick, Owens did a flurry of superkicks and a stunner to get the victory.


To his credit, Paul sold the stunner pretty nicely. I’m glad that WWE didn’t have him involved in this, and Owens and Zayn were allowed to do their thing. This was a great match and woke us all up from the first two badly booked matches you’ll read about underneath this.

The right man won, and I’m wondering what this leads to for both men. Owens could be ready for a title feud now! I’m all for Owens vs. Crews for the Intercontinental title.


Randy Orton in white gear going forward? Sign me up!

Alexa Bliss wound up the Fiend in a Box, and out came the un-crispified Fiend, who was shown walking through a LED board hallway and materialized as his new self.

He lept off the box to clothesline Orton and Orton baited him outside. He picked up the Fiend and did his table spot, and Fiend no sold it and put the Mandible Claw in his mouth. Orton got out of it and did two draping DDT’s and Fiend popped up.

A third DDT put Fiend down longer and Orton went for the RKO, but Fiend locked the Mandible Claw in again and transitioned to the Sister Abigail. Fire shot from the turnbuckles and Bliss was sitting on the box and the black goo was pouring from her head. Orton took advantage and did the RKO for the win.

Bliss and Fiend stared at each other, and the lights cut out. When they came back, both were gone.

We were bound to get something stupid. The best part of this whole thing was Bray Wyatt’s tribute to Brodie Lee.

This was so stupid. I really cannot stress enough how stupid this was. I have no other words.

I feel like Shane McMahon right now.

Keeping this going

Baszler was able to maneuver out of a sharpshooter and tag Jax.

She slammed Nattie down to the mat and pointed to Tamina, so Nattie obliged and tagged her in. Tamina and Nattie picked Jax up and flipped her over. That was a nice visual!

Nattie German suplexed Baszler and pulled Baszler into a clothesline. Then Nattie slingshot her into a superkick by Tamina. Baszler then did a wicked knee to Nattie’s jaw that looked brutal. Baszler twisted her left leg and stomped on her ankle. Baszler knows how to make this painful.

Jax took out Tamina and Nattie was left with the heels. Baszler kept attacking the leg. Jax headbutt her and powerbombed her and almost got the pin but Tamina broke up the pin. Baszler tried the Kirifuda Clutch and Tamina blocked it and countered with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Jax did a cross body to both and they were able to kick out together.

Jax talked some trash (and Peacock didn’t bleep in time!) and Tamina was able to pick her up and powerslam her fore a near fall. The crowd got loud for her and she went to the top rope for the splash, and Jax moved out of the way.

And then Jax and Baszler won.

Um... y’all... what the hell?

The Fiend losing and then this started the night. What was the point of Tamina’s and Nattie’s booking on SmackDown to just have them lose here? And the crowd was behind them! Well, more so Tamina, but still! Just all around bad booking for the women’s tag division.

Interesting that there was no Reginald at all for this. I wonder why. I’m really happy about that, though.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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