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WrestleMania 37 results: Roman Reigns pins Edge and Daniel Bryan at the same time to keep his Universal championship

The main event of WrestleMania 37 tonight (Sun., April 11, 2021) at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, featured a Universal title match pitting Roman Reigns, the titleholder, against Edge, the Royal Rumble winner, and Daniel Bryan, who got here through getting screwed around a lot.

All three were forced to walk away from pro wrestling and all three fought their way back. They got to headline the first show with fans in over a year. It felt special. It truly had that big fight feel you live for.

The match lived up to the hype too.

Edge put Jey Uso down with a DDT on the steps on the outside. He threw Reigns all around the posts. Bryan put both of his opponents in the Yes Lock to tease winning and each broke it up. Reigns responded by powerbombing Bryan ON TOP OF Edge. Then he powerbombed Bryan from the steps through the announcer’s table and while he was flexing that fact Edge came out of nowhere with a Spear off the steps to the floor.

Back in the ring, Edge had a crossface locked in on Reigns and a part of a chair across his face. He was dangerously close to tapping when Bryan jumped in, physically prevented it, then locked in the Yes Lock on the other side. Edge screamed for him to let go while Bryan did the same and they eventually just started headbutting each other while Reigns was rag dolled around.

Incredible stuff.

Then, yet another amazing false finish. Bryan went for the running knee on Edge but but was countered with the Spear. Reigns got up and he, too, was hit with the Spear. Just as the referee was about to get to three, Bryan yanked him out of the ring.

Legal in the triple threat match and all that.

To regain the, ahem, edge, the “Rated R Superstar” grabbed a chair and took it to both Bryan and Reigns. Then he grabbed a couple more and hit a Conchairto on Bryan. Before he could do the same to Reigns, Uso hit the ring to stop it.

Reigns got up, hit the Conchairto on Edge, and then dragged him over and laid him just over Bryan’s body. Then he pinned them both at the same time to retain the Universal championship.

What a match.

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