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Becky Lynch trolled us all

It’s been nearly a year since Becky Lynch went away to have a baby, living the family life out there in Iowa with Seth Rollins. Fans are happy for her, of course, but, selfishly, they all want her to come back around again.

There was reason to hope that may be the case at WrestleMania 37. Reports got around that it could be in the plans, and then she posted the following tweet hinting at a return:

But it was just a troll.

She never showed up.

But that was just night one! There’s a second night! Maybe ...


But wait.

Maybe ... just maybe ... she posted that tweet to make sure no one expects her to be there now and it can be more of an actual surprise when her music hits and she actually does show up.

Hey, we can all hope, right?

Follow along with WrestleMania 37 night two later this evening right here.

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